Fortune Mine Games closed its seed investment round of $2M

Istanbul-based mobile gaming startup, Fortune Mine Games, recently closed its seed investment round of $2M with the participation of several top regional VCs, including Ludus, Tera Portfoy, Heaventures, and Startupfon.
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The company has a team of 14 people and was co-founded by Deniz Korzay, Bulut Korzay, Ozer Hobek & Utku Saridede back in 2021.

Fortune Mine has built upon a unique product mindset that combines production speed, resource efficiency & being data-driven while identifying innovative ways for player experience in untapped audiences.

The company said to invest funds to further develop its current title, Cuisine Master – Coin Journey. The title is in soft launch and already passed 400K downloads so far. It has hybrid monetization & live-ops features and brings along a tasty combination of strong features in various genres to chance-based casual gaming.

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Company co-founder & CEO Deniz Korzay states: “Our utmost priority is to create a unique culture to make our path to be a product company. We would like to build the most talented and dedicated team in mobile gaming. The additional funds will be put to use to fine-tune our game which is to be played for at least 5 to 10 years by casual gamers, and further develop our data analytics, live-ops, and AI capabilities”.

The region’s top gaming-focused VC, Ludus is being the lead investor for this round, just as the pre-seed round of Fortune Mine. Their spokesperson and GP İsmet Gökşen state: “We fully support Fortune Mine Games from day zero, and we are confident that they have gathered around a group of highly ambitious & collaborative people in the region and built upon a great culture to create another gaming industry success story from Turkey.

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