Developing a PC game in Unreal Engine slated for Consoles – MBC 2022

Galip Kartoğlu from Stormling Studios and Flavio Pontes from Gamecan held a session at the Mobidictum Business Conference about Unreal Engine.
Headshots of Galip Kartoğlu from Stormling Studios and Flavio Pontes from Gamecan

Galip Kartoğlu from Stormling Studios and Flávio Pontes from Gamecan attended Mobidictum Business Conference and held a session on developing and launching games with Unreal Engine on consoles.

The duo introduced themselves and their companies, listing various launched titles and achievements of Stormling and Gamecan. They both agreed that even though they love creating games on Unreal Engine, it’s still a bit of a painful process with lots of crashes and downfalls.

The pair opened up with the onboarding process of the development. They’ve stated the various steps required to develop a game, such as pitching the game idea along with the company’s previous achievements to get approval from publishing companies.

Co-Founder and Tech Lead of Stormling Studios, Galip Kartoğlu, listed three main points for the developing process:

  • The development part, which includes technical questions and help with coding problems, along with using API and SDK.
  • Publishing part, which allows the developer to punch a launch date and make arrangements.
  • Testing, which includes a certification and submission progress that may cause developers to even change the flow of their game.

The experienced names then spoke about the age rating, a challenge of its own accord. At this point, Kartoğlu shared an essential advice for all developers:

“You have to be cool about getting rejected. It’s a very normal thing; you just do it again and get rejected again. Never expect to pass the first certification.”

Flávio Pontes, CTO of Gamecan, listed other challenges as well:

“User account management and controllers will be your nemesis when it comes to console development. If you think it’s performance, yes, performance will be fun to deal with, but the controls are just a nightmare.”

The duo spoke about various pitfalls that developers need to be wary of, such as the achievement limit, certification rules, saves taking time on consoles, vibration and controller settings, and shadow and lighting optimization. The session concluded with some questions from the audience. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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