Gamecity Hamburg funds six digital game prototypes with €410K

The Prototype Funding supported the development of 27 prototypes with €1.5 million.

In the 2023 funding round, Gamecity Hamburg supports six-game projects totaling €410.000 as part of the Prototype Funding program. The funding for companies and start-ups based in Hamburg enables the development of prototypes of digital games with high market potential.

Among the funding recipients are three start-ups that have successfully graduated from Gamecity Hamburg’s Games Lift Incubator. The application phase for the incubator program runs until June 20. The application phase for the next funding round will start in the spring of 2024. Including this fifth funding round since 2020, the Prototype Funding supported the development of 27 prototypes with €1.5 million.

“The applications submitted show the positive effects of our further funding programs and offers for professionalization. Three teams of the projects funded in this round have already completed our Games Lift incubator program. In addition to newly founded companies, professional studios are among the funding recipients. This again shows the versatility and potential of Hamburg as a games location.” said Dennis Schoubye, Head of Gamecity Hamburg.

The funded projects in 2023 are:

METACORE by Amberdive Interactive – € 80,000
Project Renaissance by Tiny Roar – € 80,000
Reddie – ReRun of Reality by Curvature Games – € 80,000
Light of Atlantis by DrownTown – € 70.000
Stack ‘Em Up by Godcomplex Games – € 70.000
How to Find Friends by Beardshaker Games – € 30.000

All information on the Prototype Funding in Hamburg can be found on Gamecity Hamburg website.

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