Games Industry in Asia and MENA to Hit $100 Billion by 2028

Niko Partners projects the Asia and MENA games industry market to reach $100 billion by 2028, with nearly 2 billion gamers and significant growth in Web3 gaming.
Games Industry in Asia and MENA to Hit $100 Billion by 2028
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Niko Partners has released its 2023-2028 video game market forecasts, highlighting significant growth in the games industry across China, India, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the MENA regions. These projections suggest a substantial rise in both the number of gamers and revenue generated.

Key Games Industry Market Insights

The report forecasts nearly 2 billion gamers in Asia and MENA by 2028. This increase is expected to drive $86 billion in revenue from gamer spending in 2023 alone. India is predicted to lead this growth, contributing an additional 277 million gamers by 2028, accounting for 72% of the total growth in gamers across Asia and MENA, surpassing China.

The combined regions are anticipated to account for 57.8% of global mobile games revenue and 50.4% of global PC games revenue. Specifically, Asia and MENA mobile games revenue in 2023 was approximately $100.5 billion, while PC games revenue was about $39.2 billion globally.

In the Asia and MENA regions, an impressive 93.7% of gamers choose to play on mobile devices, indicating a strong preference for mobile gaming in these areas. Additionally, 35.1% of gamers in these regions opt for PCs, while 4.9% prefer consoles. China, being the largest games market in terms of revenue, allocates over 28% of its total spending to PC gaming. Moreover, India is recognized as the fastest-growing market, closely followed by the MENA region, while Japan and Korea are projected to experience slower growth.

Web3 Gaming Relevance

The substantial growth in these regions also presents a significant opportunity for Web3 gaming. The high penetration of mobile gaming supports decentralized ecosystems, creating an environment conducive to blockchain-based games. With appropriate localization and government support for cryptocurrencies, Web3 gaming can thrive in these markets.

Full Niko Partners Report and Further Insights

Visit Niko Partners’ market model reports and NikoIQ for detailed information on the 2023-2028 video game market models and forecasts for all 13 countries tracked, including China, India, East Asia (Japan, Korea), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), and MENA (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE).

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