GameStop launches its own crypto wallet

GameStop, which has been through painful processes recently, has taken another step towards NFT and Web3 targets.
GameStop continues to make controversial decisions.

Retail chain GameStop, which has been on the agenda recently, announced that it had launched its crypto wallet. The retailer, which announced its plans to enter the NFT market in January of this year and open its own NFT market, faced many reactions after this decision. In addition, a former employee sued GameStop in May for violating labor law.

Despite this turbulent process, GameStop took a new step to adapt to the Web3 trend. The company, which has launched its own browser-based crypto wallet, has announced that a beta version of the wallet is available on Google Chrome and Brave.

This crypto wallet is currently only available in the browser. GameStop aims to make the wallet available everywhere by soon developing an app for mobile platforms.

This decision of GameStop came in the days when the crypto markets entered a significant decline. With this move, the company aims to enable crypto owners to use their crypto assets more comfortably in games and trades. Still, the company’s chosen timing raises controversy. On the other hand, the company’s shares have risen 3% since the crypto wallet was announced, and the new wallet has attracted intense interest from some segments.

Immediately after the company launched the crypto wallet, it warned its users on Twitter:

“This is a beta launch. Please use responsibly, and do not add more funds than you are comfortable with.”

It remains to be seen how GameStop will compete with MetaMask, which ConsenSys released in 2016.

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