Gaming for good: 7 games merging play with awareness

Explore a variety of games that blend entertainment with education on social and global issues, showcasing gaming’s potential for social good.

In recent years, a new genre of video games has begun to blossom – one that marries the thrill of gaming with the essence of social awareness. These games strengthen players’ understanding of critical global issues through compelling narratives and interactive gameplay. Here’s a roundup of 7 video games that blend entertainment with enlightenment.

Plasticity Screenshot

1. Plasticity

Set in 2140, Plasticity unveils a future plagued by unending plastic consumption, leading to barren lands, submerged cities, and extensive litter. Players step into the shoes of Noa, a young girl who embarks on a quest for a better existence away from her home. The game’s essence lies in the choices made along this emotional expedition, which alter the gameplay dynamics and weave through the narrative fabric. Although every decision has its consequences, most are not irreversible. The journey may witness stumbles and falls, yet saving the world rests solely on the player’s shoulders​.

Plasticity makes a compelling case for environmental responsibility through a simple yet powerful narrative.

The Climate Trail Screenshot

2. The Climate Trail

In The Climate Trail, players are propelled into a reality where climate change has wreaked havoc, leaving their homeland scorched and barren. The objective is to flee to the greener pastures of Canada with scarce resources. As players continue their journey on this difficult trail, they’re confronted with the implications of climate change. The game melds the urgency of survival with educational elements, offering insights into the catastrophic effects of climate change, notably in the US. This RPG adventure doesn’t merely stop at engaging players but endeavors to enlighten them about the unfolding climate crisis​.

Concrete Genie screenshot

3. Concrete Genie

Immerse in a vibrant adventure with Concrete Genie, where players embrace the role of a young artist, Ash, who brings his paintings to life to cleanse his polluted hometown of Denska. Beyond a captivating narrative, the game subtly educates on environmental themes and the power of creativity. Available on PlayStation 4, Concrete Genie offers both an artistic escape and a meaningful message on environmental preservation.

Concrete Genie on PlayStation is a beautiful blend of artistry and awareness, engaging players in a visually stunning yet thought-provoking journey.

Eco screenshot

4. Eco

In Eco, players are thrust into a lively, simulated ecosystem filled with flourishing flora and fauna. The core of the game is centered around the effects of players’ actions on the environment, highlighted further as a looming meteor strike threatens global devastation. Players engage in various activities, from building and farming to crafting and trading, evolving their civilization while balancing the needs of the community and the ecosystem. The game fosters an analytical approach as players assess their environmental impact, promoting a sustainable co-existence amidst the unfolding challenges​.

alpha beat cancer screenshot

5. Alpha Beat Cancer

Alpha Beat Cancer is a mobile game designed to educate young cancer patients about their disease in a fun, engaging manner. Through interactive gameplay, it explains medical terminology and procedures, providing a supportive environment for kids to learn and ask questions about cancer.

bury me my love ui

6. Bury Me, My Love

This interactive narrative game follows the perilous journey of a Syrian refugee as she navigates the numerous challenges en route to safety in Europe​. Through real-time text messages, players experience the harrowing realities refugees face, fostering empathy and awareness about the global refugee crisis.

before i forget screenshot

7. Before I Forget

Before I Forget is a narrative exploration game that explores the emotional impact of dementia. Players step into the shoes of Sunita, a woman living with early onset dementia, unraveling her past as she walks through the rooms of her home. Each room holds fragments of Sunita’s memories, waiting to be pieced together. This story-rich game, developed by 3-Fold Games, invites players to a heartfelt journey of love, loss, and the essence of memories, providing a gentle yet profound understanding of dementia’s emotional toll​.

The titles mentioned above exemplify how video games have evolved beyond mere entertainment. By embedding serious social and environmental themes within the gameplay, they invite players to reflect on the bigger picture, proving that games can indeed be a powerful medium for change.

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