HellMoon launches new MOBA NFT games and play-to-earn services for its holders

A new play-to-earn MOBA NFT game is on the way.

HellMoon, the emerging crypto platform that will be launched later this year, will give their customers access to their exclusive series of MOBA NFT. In that play-to-earn game, users can bet on battles and complete the tasks for their rewards.

HellMoon Legends is among the first MOBA NFT games that are built on the Binance Smart Chain. Investors can bet on battles, have in-game NFT characters, trade and do the tasks for their rewards.

With their distinct features, looks, and skills all of the 16 NFT characters are unique. The game has a chest opening mechanic, with it, users can get random NFT characters from HellMoon chests. All of the NFT characters are usable in the game, offering users a diverse metaverse. The crypto-platform is available for play-to-earn crypto games —like HellMoon Legends, which is a MOBA crypto—, offering a middle ground between crypto enthusiasts and gamers.

The HellMoon project’s initial launch was seven months ago. The launch was listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and Crypto.com and was able to attract more than 6000 investors. The project is almost solely developed on their website and their exclusive token is buyable on BEP20 Smart Chain.

HellMoon’s approach is to create diverse experiences and a long-lasting project around the HellMoon token, hence gaining the trust of the investors and attracting them with what to do with HellMoon token at the same time: DeFi world, online stores, play-to-earn video games, token centered entertainment events and so on. The keyword is sustainability for HellMoon.

HellMoon is the governance token that enables its holders to use the pools or farms of their DeFi platform. Accessing the game by getting their first NFT character, users will receive 3% for sales and purchases of HellMoon, if they possess tokens in their wallet.

There’s another token, Devilmoon, that all players need to participate in battles, do trades, and get rewards from completed tasks. Users can also have Devilmoon through HellMoon’s DeFi platform.

Each battle requires the amount of bet that’s two times of reward but additional revenue can be made by winning consecutive battles. If a user bet $ Dmoon and get 2,5$ Dmoon for each battle they won, after 5 wins, the user could get 15$ Dmoon daily.

Each purchase and sale of NFT characters burn 25% of the Dmoon / HMOON transaction, automatically transferring 6 percent, 3 percent to the LP, and another 3 percent to all Holders. Additionally, 50 percent marketing and 50 percent LP BUY AND SELL NFTs will be offered on HMOON CHEST. Dmoon, on the other hand, offers investors 50 percent LP, 25 percent burning, and 25 percent marketing.

“HMOON” WITH a TOTAL SUPPLY OF 666.000.000.000. is the token information of HellMoon. The type of token is BEP20 and 85% of the token is distributed to the community, 10% to developers, while 6% is burned. Slippage is 7%.

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