How to accelerate your game with Game Growth

Your guide to Unity’s Game Growth.
Unity Game Growth
Accelerate your game with Game Growth.

Are you an indie dev looking to grow your studio name and revenue? Game Growth is an accelerator that empowers the success of indie games.

Let’s face it, things are more competitive than ever for indie developers. Funding and resources to increase your player base and retaining them are always a challenge, as well as having the business expertise across topics like monetization and user acquisition. So, what’s the best way to make sure your new project gets recognized by players? Enter Unity’s Game Growth Program.

Game Growth is an accelerator that helps indie games reach their full potential. By partnering with Unity, developers can focus on their creative vision, while Unity experts provide your team with best-in-class support for all your game operations.

Not only do we work together on optimizing your game , but we do so without making compromises when it comes to studio ownership, creative vision, and player experience. Your studio, your game, your name.

Game Growth features

Unity Game Growth
Unity’s Game Growth program is available for free-to-play indie mobile games.

Unity’s Game Growth program is available for free-to-play indie mobile games. If your game studio meets our criteria, Unity will help fund user acquisition for your game, and you get access to Unity experts that guide you through effective player engagement and monetization. Unity and the developer will split the revenue from advertising and in-app purchases 50/50 after the user acquisition spends have been recouped upon initial onboarding.

Put simply; Unity covers the cost of bringing in new players while we both share in the reward.

User acquisition: Unity’s Game Ops experts support your user acquisition journey by testing campaigns, gathering valuable data, and helping scale your game.

Monetization: Our Game Ops experts work with you to optimize in-app purchases (IAP), ad placement, economy balancing, and general effectiveness of monetization.

Engagement: Our team will implement tools and tactics like optimizing your first-time user experience (FTUE), feature roadmap, and best practices to increase player engagement.

Partnering with international developers

Game development is on the rise worldwide, with six of the ten most downloaded games in the USA coming from Turkish game developers. 2 out of 10 of our applicants at Game Growth are also from Turkey. Game Growth looks to accelerate Turkish game development and be one of the key partners in your success. With no up-front costs and a revenue-sharing program in place, our mission is to help creators across the globe.

Growing your studio with Game Growth

Working together to grow your game is just the beginning. Our goal is to set your studio up for long-term success by developing best practices and frameworks that extend current and future game projects.

This includes the integration and familiarity with enterprise-level technology and working with your staff to develop in-house expertise with user acquisition, monetization, and more. We’ll also partner on ways to grow your studio brand and build a player base that sticks with you for years to come. We look forward to making you shine!

Process and next steps

Unity's Game Growth
Unity’s Game Growth

If your game meets the program criteria, you can begin by applying via the Unity Dashboard. The application process helps us learn about your project and development team, then work with you to integrate the Game Growth package via the Unity editor. The package includes a suite of tools that help measure essential metrics within your game.

The process then shifts to testing user acquisition, where we gain insights on your game’s key performance metrics. If everything checks out, an official partnership will be established. Unity covers all of the costs associated with this evaluation phase.

Partnership through Game Growth means that your studio will have an extended team of experts with experience developing and scaling some of the biggest games in the mobile industry.

How to apply

You can get started right now! The application process is swift, and all you need is a valid Unity game that is live on iOS or Android (It doesn’t have to be a fully finished game but we expect to run a CPI test therefore we need it to be available). From there, head to the Game Growth section on the Unity Dashboard and begin your application process.

Whether you’re a new game developer or a seasoned veteran, Game Growth provides the opportunity for any game developer to take their mobile game to the next level, while maintaining independence, intellectual property and creative freedom.

Any questions? Send us an email directly or reach out to our developer advocate (she speaks Turkish!)

Burcu Ozcengiz
Burcu Ozcengiz

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