Imagination brings ray tracing tech to mobile games

Imagination Technologies has introduced a product that claims to bring desktop image quality to mobile devices as well. The fact that ray tracing technology will also be available on mobile devices seems to add value to the mobile gaming world.
Ray tracing technology will take mobile gaming one step further.

Imagination Technologies recently announced the Photon architecture and features in a press release. According to the statement, the new technology opens the door to new visual possibilities in various fields, especially in mobile.

The Photon architecture will power hardware manufactured by Imagination Technologies. Stating that Photon is the final product of the technology developed for nearly ten years, the company indicated that ray-tracing technology can now be used on mobile devices. This is really an indication that mobile games will take a big step closer to desktop graphics.

The first product to include the Photon architecture was announced as the IMG CXT graphics processor. The new graphics processing unit (GPU) brings along many powerful hardware features and ray tracing. Its 1.3Gray/sec power will provide more frame rate (FPS), realistic shadows, detailed lighting, and enriched visuals in mobile games.

In addition to these, Photon architecture also promises efficiency in terms of power consumption. It is claimed that the high-end GPU will consume very low resources and be a complete performance/power consumption product. This new technology manages to create the impression that it will significantly affect the mobile game world and developers with its features.

Photon architecture will make mobile games richer in visuals. It also offers ray tracing.
Photon architecture will bring mobile games to a richer visuality.

The company official stated that the Photon architecture is the most advanced ray tracing technology in the industry. He expressed the company’s vision on the subject as follows:

“We’re aiming to deliver solid gaming experiences, high-quality visuals, and enough throughput for a variety of different markets. So it’s not just mobile but also it’s focus on the growing laptop and server space based on the high power efficiency of our solutions. We’re focusing on the good performance within the power budget.”

Partnering with Apple, Imagination aims to rival Nvidia and AMD in terms of efficiency. The reason for this company’s goal is the excessive power consumption on the PC side of ray tracing technology. Imagination knows that currently used technologies and mobile devices do not have the power to feed ray tracing, and it works in this direction. On the other hand, they maintain their assertive stance since very few – perhaps none – companies can compete with them in the mobile sector in terms of ray tracing technology.

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