IndiGG announces partnership with Tilting Point and Polygon for Web3 games

The trio stated that their first published game will be Chess Universe.
IndiGG, Tilting Point and Polygon Studios logos over a dark blue background

India-based Web3 gaming platform IndiGG has announced a partnership with indie publisher Tilting Point and Polygon Studios. With this collaboration, IndiGG will bring Polygon-powered Tilting Point mobile games to its Web3 platform.

The trio reported their first game as Chess Universe, an adaptation of classic chess into the mobile genre with unique cartoonish graphics and easy gameplay. The game benefitting from Tilting Point’s publishing experience and Polygon’s tech is now available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Chess Universe has already gathered over 7 million downloads and has over 140,000 daily active users. The title has various game modes and cosmetic customization options for the chess board and pieces. Both Tilting Point and IndiGG have announced the partnership on their official Twitter accounts.

NFTs from Tilting Point’s games will be made available to IndiGG’s platform as part of the collaboration. IndiGG aims to bring mobile gamers in India into the Web3 space, growing the community further.

IndiGG has been having a busy month, as the company made partnerships with several games in the past 30 days. Games like Blockchain Football and Katana Inu joined the platform, and collaborations with firms such as Medabots and Immortal Games have been announced.

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