Install Fee Tycoon pokes fun at Unity

Made in the Godot engine in 2 weeks by Unity Veterans of 15 years, who plan to release a pirated copy as well.

After Unity’s new pricing changes, almost everyone in the gaming ecosystem was very vocal about their concerns and did not hold back any criticism. Independent developers John Warner and Trevor Da Silva came up with a unique way to criticize the changes. Made in the Godot engine in 2 weeks by Unity Veterans of 15 years, Install Fee Tycoon takes a jab at Unity’s decision in a friendly, fun way.

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In Install Fee Tycoon, The makers of the “Chaos3D” game engine have begun pocketing 20 cents from developers every time one of their games is installed. Behind closed doors, however, they are paying you one cent every time you perform a reinstall. Install Fee Tycoon contains the addictive fun of Idle Clickers like Cookie Clicker but adds some interesting twists. Additionally, Install Fee Tycoon includes a simple but funny narrative component.

“Trevor and I both have very fond feelings for Unity,” said John Warner. “I think it’s clear to everyone at this point, including Unity, that the proposed changes were a mistake. We want Install Fee Tycoon to stand as a hilarious memory of what might have been if the entire games industry didn’t collectively explode in panicked revolt.”

“We really want to highlight the absurdity of this whole thing,” said Trevor Da Silva. “First of all, we’re going to sell this game for as cheap as Steam will allow us, at only 40 cents on Launch. We had hoped for 20, but tragically, Valve actually wants to make money.”

Players can download Install Fee Tycoon when it launches on October 10th.

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