KOTOR Remake no more!

How glad we were that one of the most beautiful slices of Star Wars’ discarded history would make it to the present day. Unfortunately, it looks like the project is dead.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (or KOTOR!) is one of the most extraordinary works not only by Bioware but also in the history of gaming. The game, which offers you the opportunity to choose to join the Lightside or the Darkside depending on what you do and the decisions you make in your career as a trainee, has an unforgettable place with its great story, delightful mechanics and one of the greatest plot twist of our lives.

Of course, after 20 years, it’s hard for young people to ignore the graphics and focus on the story when they’re constantly staring at the screen! The reveal that the Remake, which needed a significant overhaul to adapt to current trends, was one of the biggest gaming news of the year.

Unfortunately, that development has been troubled since the early days. During last week’s financial presentation, Embracer’s CEO Lars Wingefors refused to give any status report on the game, pointing to the inevitable.

This confirms Sony‘s removal of the game’s trailers from the internet and Giant Bomb‘s Jeff Grubb’s report that “this game is not being worked on right now.”.

It seems that Embracer, a company we remember for its recent studio closures and layoffs, has taken the game away from Aspyr and given it to Saber, which hasn’t improved the process.

This is, unfortunately, a big letdown on all fronts. KOTOR Remake won’t be with us in its revamped form for a long time, maybe nevermore. Nevertheless, let me remind you that the old game is still beautiful enough to blow your mind, so please sit down and let it tell you its story.

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