Krafton creates a special Twitter account for bugs encountered in PUBG: New State

Bringing solutions to many problems with the update released today, Krafton tightens the communication with the players and takes the user experience to the next level.
PUBG: New State November 18 update
Correcting the errors faced by the players from the date of its release, Krafton brought solutions to many problems with the update it released today.

PUBG: New State faced multiple issues that occurred after its launch date. Although the developers have released a series of patches to fix the initial issues, a lot of problems still remain that need to be fixed. The update released today will target lags, game controls and boost the game’s optimization.

Due to early problems, Krafton created a Twitter account called PUBG: NEW STATE Dev Team. The account, which was created in order to respond quickly to events and speed up the interaction with the end-user, started to work on the errors step by step.

In the update made on the iOS side, the FPS drop due to anti-cheat systems was fixed, the graphics quality was increased and the sudden crash error was fixed. Do not forget to adjust the graphic quality according to your system, if you use high-quality settings, your device may overheat.

In the update made on the Android side, the error resulted in the application crashing and the application freezing when the “Go to Lobby” button was pressed after the game were fixed.

In addition, PUBG: New State stated that they fixed various game bugs based on feedback from players. Fixed a bug where the Help Package was louder than the others and made footsteps sound low, and sound balances were applied. Also, the Depth of Field (FOV) option has been added to the game settings.

Fixed an issue where the animation was out of sync when using items while improving bare hand movement quality in FPP mode.

Fixed the bug that caused the application to run slowly when you toggle the in-game voice chat on iOS devices, and the bug that turned the player perspective to TPP when the observation drone was used in FPP mode.

Other fixes

In addition, the list of other fixed bugs published by Krafton is as follows;

  • Fixed the bug that the package window came late after clicking the “Buy” button.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Follow” option
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when teammates changed their spawn point.
  • Fixed a server connection error that could occur when returning from PTO game mode to the lobby.
  • Fixed helmet wearing bug when following this method: Change helmet level > preview character > open inventory
  • Fixed opening animation not playing when opening random chests during slow network connection.
  • Fixed a bug where the character’s head was not displayed when entering the store immediately after signing out.
  • The application crashing when turning off the announcement message on iOS devices has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where two players’ interfaces overlapped on the result screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the “New” icon would not disappear in the Emote inventory.
  • Fixed a bug when the preferred language match was applied for the first time.
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