Matrak Games and Yin Yang Games partnered on NFT card game Reincarnation

A brand new NFT card game is coming that you can play with your friends.
yin yang games matrak games
Yin Yang Games and Matrak Games announced that they have established a partnership for a brand new NFT card game project.

Istanbul-based NFT game developer Yin Yang Games has announced its partnership with NFT game platform Matrak Games to develop and strengthen the NFT-based card game called “Reincarnation“, which is expected to be available for pre-orders next March. As the company states, Reincarnation will launch on PC and mobile devices.

Yin Yang Games is a game studio that has adopted the basic philosophy of balance, consisting of many experienced local and foreign developers and designers in the industry, and set out to open new horizons in the field of blockchain and NFT GameFi.

Yin Yang Games General Manager Alperen Kırcanoğulları said the following on Reincarnation:

“We open the doors of a fantastic medieval universe to our players. Reincarnation is the first step of the universe we created. You will shape your character under the strategy you want, fight with the enemies, and experience the joy of embarking on co-op adventures with your friends to the fullest. With the resources you collect, you will be able to mint new NFT items, sell them on the market or use them to strengthen your character.”

Matrak Games is a new generation promotion and distribution platform that radically changes the digital game industry using blockchain & NFT, and enables to increase the user adaptation of games with the “play-to-earn” model.

The platform aims to increase the players’ financial literacy while providing sustainable cash rewards to the users who play digital games by using the financial resources from NFT sales of crypto assets and in-game objects in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

Regarding the partnership, Yin Yang Games Managing Partner Ali Anıl Esmer expressed his comments as follows:

“As a result of our partnership, the pre-order process for Reincarnation that we plan to carry out in March will become much more valuable for our players with the technological support of Matrak Games. We are aware that our players are eagerly waiting for our project. In this context, we aim to publish the Lite version of the game in a very short time after the pre-sale.”

Afşar Akal, General Manager of Matrak Games, added the following sentences:

“With the young and dynamic Yin Yang team, we aim to bring millions of players together with the new generation metaverse world, not only with the Reincarnation game that will be released soon but also with many more innovative digital entertainment projects. This is not a sprint run, it is a long marathon collaboration that we will do together.”

To learn more about Yin Yang Games and Matrak Games, you can visit the companies’ websites.

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