Meta announces launch date, pricing, and hardware for Meta Quest Pro

The company states that the new VR device will be available starting October 25.
The Meta Quest Pro over a dark grey background

Meta has announced that its next VR device, previously dubbed “Project Cambria,” will be named Meta Quest Pro. The headset will be available starting October 25 with a price tag of $1,499.

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According to the announcement, Meta Quest Pro will wield pancake lenses, making the headset smaller while sharpening the image quality. Compared to Meta Quest 2, the new VR device will have a 40% smaller optical stack, along with 75% more contrast.

The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+, with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage. Ten high-resolution sensors will be equally divided between the inside and the outside to ensure immersive experiences.

Meta states that Meta Quest Pro will have four times the amount of pixels compared to Meta Quest 2 thanks to its high-resolution outward-facing cameras. The headset also features inward sensors to track eye movement and facial expressions, which will definitely be helpful when using any online VR platform.

The company specifically points out that these are “advanced headsets” to expand what VR can do. Meta Quest Pro is reportedly designed to fit working conditions very well, along with the Meta Horizon Workrooms for colleagues to work together and collaborate.

A blog post from the official Oculus website reads the following about the new VR device:

“At launch, Meta Quest Pro is built for people like architects, engineers, builders, creators, and designers who want to augment their workflow and supercharge their creativity with the power of VR. Longer term, we expect the device to unlock a wide range of new ways to experience and improve work across many different industries and the enterprise.”

Another announcement saw a collaboration between Microsoft and Meta. Windows apps, Microsoft Teams, and Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available to Meta’s VR devices in the future.

Meta has also confirmed that Meta Quest 2 will still be available after Meta Quest Pro is launched. The two headsets will be fully compatible, which is a bonus considering that Sony’s new PSVR2 will not be compatible with the older generation PSVR.

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