Mobidictum Career in Games begins: The event platform is live!

You can start using the event platform and browse job postings!
mobidictum career in games
Mobidictum Career in Games starts on November 11th.

The event platform has been opened for you to start exploring brand new job opportunities at the online game job fair Mobidictum Career in Games! Talented job seekers and valuable game studios are getting ready to come together at the event, which aims to increase employment in the Turkish game industry.

Mobidictum Career in Games will connect companies with potential talent.
Mobidictum Career in Games will connect companies with potential talent.

The event hosts many game studios looking for new teammates, those who want to start their career in the game industry, those who work in other industries but want to switch to the game industry. 7 amazing sponsors support this event, which already has 750+ participants. Sponsored by Joygame, MagicLab, Simsoft, Panteon, tiplay studio, Trifles Games and Digi Game, the event will also include many informative sessions on career and recruitment processes in the game industry.

What awaits you at Mobidictum Career in Games?

Mobidictum Career in Games will start at 10:00 AM (GMT+3) on November 11, but you will be able to use many of the event’s features while the platform is open. In addition, the event has many features that will satisfy both job seekers and employers.

A job seeker at Mobidictum Career in Games can:

  • Create a personal stand (profile) and display portfolio,
  • Participate in all-day sessions on careers in the game industry,
  • Be completely anonymous while looking for a job,
  • Examine the participating game studios by visiting the Virtual Expo area,
  • Browse job postings of companies and apply,
  • Arrange one-on-one meetings with the HR departments of the companies.

An employer at Mobidictum Career in Games can:

  • Create a virtual stand in the Virtual Expo area,
  • Display job postings on the Mobidictum career portal,
  • Discover talented job seekers by visiting the Personal Booth area,
  • Arrange meetings with job seekers through the event platform,
  • Participate in sessions that will last all day and be aware of the latest trends.

Mobidictum Career in Games event schedule

The online game job fair, which will take place on November 11, has 7 sessions that will attract the attention of the participants. The event schedule includes sessions from valuable speakers from companies such as Netmarble, MagicLab, Pantheon, Simsoft and tiplay studio. The full schedule will be as follows:

Mobidictum Career in Games - Event Schedule
Mobidictum Career in Games – Event Schedule

From the game development ecosystem to career tips in the game industry, from the game genres that are popular today to the game economy, from the hiring processes of game companies to the personal experience of the industry experts; a lot of trending topics will be on the sessions. During the sessions, you can ask the questions you are curious about to the speakers, and you can get one step closer to your next career adventure.

To attend the event, you can get your ticket right now on the event website. As the Mobidictum team, we aim to grow and strengthen the game industry in Turkey, and invite all game studios and talented job seekers to the event to increase employment in the industry.

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