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As Mobidictum Conference is approaching, our interviews continue. This time our guest is Siddharth Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of AppBroda.

As Mobidictum Conference is approaching, our interviews continue. This time, our guest is Siddharth Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of AppBroda. AppBroda is a SAAS company with a vision to become a one-stop solution for an app publisher that fuels their entire mobile App’s Growth.

Could you tell us about AppBroda and what services it offers?

AppBroda is a data-first GAM Partner for Game developers. We build products and services for Game and App developers to help them in their growth journey.

Could you tell us about your position in AppBroda?

I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of AppBroda. I lead AppBroda’s Analytics, Tech, and RnD divisions.

What sets AppBroda apart from other mobile app growth and advertising platforms, and how do you ensure maximum profitability for your clients?

We integrate with a game’s existing stack with the least intervention possible, hence saving a lot of engineering hours. We understand moving mediation platforms or integrating a new SDK is a project that spans quarters, and hence, we’ve built a low-code/no-code platform that lets any developer try our product with just one day of effort.

    Once we connect with the developer’s data, we save the monetization manager countless hours by identifying time-sensitive micro-opportunities within their stack that help them generate the extra margin to boost ROAS.

    Once a monetization manager approves a strategy, we save the adopts team implementation hours by automating the adopts efforts for implementation of the strategy.

    That’s why we are the No#1 GAM partner within our clients.

    Can you share some insights into the unique approaches and technologies that AppBroda employs to empower app publishers and drive their mobile app growth?

    A thing that is unique about us, and something I’m really proud of, is that we spend a lot of money and energy on RnD. The ecosystem we operate in is evolving at an amazing speed – we see policy changes and new technology adoption every few months, and this commitment towards research has helped us deliver growth for our clients that has led to our organic growth through word of mouth within the market.

    At any given time, our team is running multiple experiments in the background to determine the impact on CPM due to changes in policy, seasonality, and fluctuations in demand. This helps us always to be ahead of the curve.

    AppBroda emphasizes being a one-stop solution for app publishers. How does your platform help app publishers manage their entire mobile app growth, from monetization to advertising and beyond, in a comprehensive and efficient manner?

    Yes, that’s our vision. To achieve this vision, we are building simple yet intuitive products that integrate seamlessly within the developer’s existing daily workflow.

    The first product we built is for monetization managers on IronSource and MAX mediation. We built a simple recommendation engine that churns change recommendations to their IS and MAX mediation to improve ROAS.

    The 2nd product we’ve launched is for AdMob mediation. This is an automation tool that allows developers to run all their A/B experiments on auto-pilot with little to no intervention required.

    The 3rd product that we’ve launched is for indie Game and App developers, where we built an alternative to publishing partners that gives them the funds, knowledge, and manpower to scale their games without losing control of the game.

    Could you elaborate on how AppBroda’s dedicated hands-on technical account management support contributes to publishers’ success and how it differentiates AppBroda’s services from competitors?

    That’s a great question – our TAMs or Technical Account Managers are really pivotal to the product experience. We understand that most of our clients have their hands full, and hence, our TAMs work as extensions to our clients to plug the required expertise gaps.
    Each TAM is a trained expert on all technologies that our clients use on a daily basis, and they spend a lot of time studying the ecosystem to generate insights for their clients. This value add makes us a differentiated partner for every single client we work with.

    As a Gold Sponsor of the Mobidictum Conference 2023, what are AppBroda’s main goals and expectations from participating in this event? Are there any specific networking opportunities, partnerships, or announcements planned during the conference?

    Our main goal is to continue to learn and understand the ecosystem’s problems. We are very passionate about mobile, and we hope to meet as many developers as possible to understand how we can help them in their journey to profitability and beyond.

    We do have an announcement – we’ve just been awarded GCPP status by Google.
    GCPP status represents the pinnacle of partner recognition, reserved for only top partners who exhibit exceptional performance and possess expert knowledge. We are very happy to qualify for this prestigious distinction.

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