Mobile game market review July 2022 – Music-themed content trended

GameRefinery’s July 2022 mobile market review dives deep and explores the latest trends.
Three cover arts from most popular mobile games in July 2022

GameRefinery released its July 2022 report, and according to its data music-related updates in mobile games were the trend last month. Games like Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, and Umamusume Pretty Derby (ウマ娘プリティーダービー) had music-themed events, and these generated considerable revenue. Per the report, the biggest update was the K-pop girl band, BLACKPINK, making their debut in PUBG: Mobile.

July was a month of many collaborations and anniversary events, according to the data provider. Game of Sultans Royal Pets celebrated its fourth anniversary and Cookie Run: Kingdom collaborated with Disney for a mammoth 50-day period. State of Survival teaming up with the UFC and so on.

The report includes detailed content and live event analysis of US, China, and Japan mobile markets and highlights the eye-catching details for each country.

You can read the full report here.

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