Money Making Games (Play-to-earn)

Games now make money for gamers in addition to making money for developers. Nowadays, it is possible to earn real money by playing games and play-to-earn games are one of the most popular topics.
Today, games make money for both developers and gamers.

Play-to-earn games are the rising star in the gaming world. The development of the digital game world has brought many opportunities and entertainment. Games, which were a job for game developers, now also provide financial gains for players. Nowadays, it is possible to earn real money by playing games. With blockchain technologies and the NFT system, brand-new games have been released. “NFT Gaming” and the “play-to-earn” model are on the rise, and these games make money for their players as well as their developers.

Earn money by playing games

The game industry is growing day by day. Game developers are producing new ways to keep up with this rapid growth. The play-to-earn business model is one such method. While the decentralized economy (DeFi) trend strengthens through cryptocurrencies, it also nurtures new business models. The game industry is also keeping up with the times and benefiting from these recent trends and technologies, and the number of play-to-earn games is increasing.

There are now Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies in the market. Gaming companies have found a way to reward players using blockchains like these. Before the play-to-earn business model, players were trying to turn the time they spent in the game into cash by trading among themselves. For example, transactions such as “selling knives” in well-known games like CS: GO or “selling characters” in World of Warcraft were already happening between players through third-party sites. All these systems are now integrated into the games themselves.

earn money from games
The decentralized finance trend is getting stronger.

Currently, almost every game has an in-game currency that is independent of the real economy. These currencies were used while trading in the game. Players could either only use their items, money, and in-game values or trade them as the game allowed. Now, with NFT systems, these exchanges can be made in exchange for actual or crypto money. This will enable players to turn the time they spend into cash.

Time itself is natural capital. Playing games is also time-consuming. New NFT games, which are rapidly rising today, offer the user a financial gain in return for the time they spend in the game. These systems are gradually developing globally, Play-to-earn games are increasing and already in some countries, people earn their living by playing games. Game developers are also turning to NFT careers. So how does this system work?

What is play-to-earn? How does the system work?

It is possible to have an idea about play-to-earn from the explanations above. If we need to make a one-sentence definition, play-to-earn is a system where you earn money as you play. This system works by producing and exchanging unique digital goods. These unique products are called NFTs, and many things can be NFTs. NFTs have real money equivalents.

The quality that makes NFTs valuable is that they are “unique.” We are familiar with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies and their uniqueness. Only one person can own a unique product, and that is what makes it valuable. For example, we can give that a single painting by a famous painter is precious even after many years. That painting is unique because it cannot be reproduced in the same way, or its copies can replace it. NFTs have a similar system. An NFT is unique and cannot be replaced by any equivalent.

Anything can be NFT provided it is unique:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Songs
  • Digital designs
  • And many other digital content

In this sense, NFTs are digital versions of things that can be collected as collectibles. So, can anyone produce an NFT: Yes, anyone can create an NFT. The only condition here is that the product made is unique, and its originality can be proven. The economy of play-to-earn games is based on the trade of these unique products.

These NFTs make money by being traded between players. It is possible to understand that we are talking about an existing system. The play-to-earn model is a kind of digital trading and collecting system.

In the gaming world, the terms NFT and blockchain are often used together. NFTs are produced using blockchain technology in digital games, and markets are created where players can collect and save them or earn money by selling them. These markets can be integrated into in-game systems or exist in public environments such as blockchain markets.

Crypto Games
Blockchain technology fuels the play-to-earn business model.

According to the model adopted by the games, an NFT can be a cryptocurrency, a uniquely drawn and designed image, or an in-game costume. This is up to the imagination and what game developers want to present as NFT. In some cases, companies work with players to produce NFTs and distribute player-produced NFTs. For those familiar with cryptocurrency mining, it is known how generating income by keeping devices powered on works. With this system, players can mine cryptocurrencies while playing games or add designs such as fan art (Fan Art) to the game’s collection. The ultimate goal in play-to-earn is to reward the player with monetary value for the time spent in the game.

In summary, NFT games have a unique collection of their own. NFTs in this collection are distributed to players as rewards through various systems. Players earn money from games by trading or saving the NFTs they collect. Thanks to these systems, you can make money by playing games, earn money from the internet and earn income by working from home.

How much money do NFT games make? Is there a risk of losing money?

The NFT gaming system and play-to-earn games have become a livelihood for some people in countries like the Philippines. In countries with not very strong economies, NFT games can make more money than working in a salaried job. In some cases, even in the most robust economies, it is possible to make a lot of money playing NFT games. While some NFTs are a lot of money each, the way to make money in some other NFTs is to accumulate many low-value NFTs and profit from the bulk sale. Either way, we can safely say that NFTs make money. How much they earn varies from game to game. We’ll talk about the top-paying NFT games below.

In addition, NFT and the play-to-earn game system also involve risks. It should not be perceived as gambling. NFT is also an investment tool, and as with any investment, it includes profits and risks. Just as investing in the right place at the right time is profitable, wrong choices can also cause losses. There are many reasons for this. Let’s explain this with subcategories.

Making money and risks from cryptocurrency-based games

We said that NFT games could be the equivalent of cryptocurrencies. The profits and risks inherent in the cryptocurrency market directly apply to this type of NFT as well. For example, if you have a Bitcoin-based NFT, the increase in Bitcoin value will give you a profit. Bitcoin’s depreciation will also make you lose money. If you bought this NFT from someone else, you could profit or lose when you sell it. If you earned it from the game, your winnings would change.

Making money and risks for other NFT mechanisms

Profit and loss are possible even if NFT is not cryptocurrency-based. For example, you bought or won a digital drawing for one unit of money. Since this drawing is a collector’s item, you can set a new price based on demand when selling. If the demand is high, you will profit; if it is less, you will lose. Another possibility is that if the company that is the source of the NFT makes a new investment, the value of your NFT may increase, and if it goes bankrupt, the value of your NFT may decrease. Since the NFT system is also a real financial system, many variables like these examples can affect your income.

Making money and risks from paid or investment necessary games

Almost all NFT games can be played for free. On the other hand, there are games where you need to make in-game purchases to earn more money from the game. Some games offer you more money in return for this investment you make. While this may provide a higher gain on your investment, it can also result in a lower return on your investment and loss. Of course, it is worth remembering that each game works to balance its economy and be as profitable as possible.

What does play-to-earn mean to game developers?

Besides gamers, the play-to-earn business model offers new opportunities to developers. Game developers’ interest in NFT is increasing day by day in order to maximize game revenues. Thanks to NFT systems, game developers also make money. The play-to-earn model, which means making more money for both the player and the developer, is a profitable system for everyone involved with the game.

Here, it is possible to say that the game developer and the player are business partners. Players hold some of the material values of the game and spread it by trading. This expansion means more players for the company. At the same time, if the demand for the collection of the game developer team increases, its value increases. This will cause the company to increase in value, receive new investments and earn more money.

In addition to developing new NFT games, the NFT system can be integrated into existing games. This flexibility benefits the developer in many ways. Games that are already profitable can use NFT to increase their revenue. Relatively unsuccessful games may try to re-enter the market with NFT. An NFT game can also be developed from scratch. It is relatively easy and attractive for game developers to rise with this system, which seems to profit everyone who is dying about the game.

The investment made in blockchain and NFT games in 2021 has reached $2.5 billion before the end of the last quarter of the year, and the amount is increasing. For example, according to the Quantum Tech Partners report, NFT and blockchain game developers raised $1.9 billion in the first three quarters of 2021.

Top earning play-to-earn games

The number of that play-to-earn games on the market increases day by day. After giving a detailed explanation of the system, we list the most profitable NFT games for both the developer and the player, based on data such as market volume and company values:

Axie Infinity

The most famous and best NFT game of recent times is undoubtedly Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity offers content similar to the famous pokemon theme. We collect or breed, develop and fight unique and collectible creatures in the game. Much additional content such as these monsters can be collected and sold within the game. Axie Infinity is located on the Ethereum blockchain and provides users with tokens such as Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Axie, and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). Players earn money by buying and selling these tokens. Axie Infinity can also be played on the mobile platform and is one of the most profitable mobile NFT games.

Making money with Axie infinity
Axie Infinity is one of the games that dominate the NFT market.

Axie Infinity’s current market cap is more than $9 billion, its trading volume is over $200 million, and it’s on the rise.


Sorare is a fantasy football game that stands out because it includes real-world clubs and players among play-to-earn games. It is possible to say that it is the best NFT football game for fantasy football lovers. Players choose a football club and play matches with their football player cards. Some of these cards are offered for free, while others must be purchased. NFTized cards and content can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Make money with Sorare
Sorare is one of the best NFT games for football game lovers.

Sorare launched in 2019, and its market value has increased exponentially. It also recently received an investment of $680 million from the producer company SoftBank.

Gods Unchained

Another game is on the Ethereum blockchain. Gods Unchained is an NFT card game similar to Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone. The cards in this game feature NFT. You can obtain or buy these cards with various systems in the game. The stronger your cards, the more matches you win, and the more you win, the more rewards you get. You can also win “Flux” with the ranked game system and produce NFT cards with it. Gods Unchained is also getting ready to hit mobile platforms soon.

Making money with Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained has successfully integrated the NFT system into the card games we have played for years.

Before the end of 2021, Gods Unchained has reached a sales volume of $ 22 million.

Zoo Crypto – World

Zoo Crypto is one of the highest gain NFT games. The game is zoo-themed, and you earn tokens by opening chests and completing tasks in the game. NFT items come out of these loyal unlocked with the key. You also earn Zoo coins by playing the game. The financial values of the game have increased rapidly, and it offers an environment where inexperienced players can also earn.

Making money with Zoo Crypto
Zoo Crypto offers opportunities for players of all levels.

The current market cap of the game’s coins is over $340 million. It is worth noting that these values can change momentarily.

Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kong League is a competitive 3v3 basketball game using the NFT system. The game has a coin called Kongs, which is used for in-game upgrades and can also be traded. Kong is located on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC-721 standard.

Making money with Rumble Kong
For basketball game lovers, Rumble Kong can be a good NFT option.

Before the end of 2021, Rumble Kong League has reached a sales volume of approximately 30 million dollars.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a game with rich content with themes such as exploration, management, war. Players enter into a competition by managing their organizations in the game. There are also missions in the game, and you earn rewards as a result of these missions. In Alien Worlds, you can get TLM coins by consuming game content, collecting and selling in-game accessories, and earning money with various mechanics.

Alien Worlds combines familiar game themes with NFT.

Alien Worlds skyrocketed as it started trading on Binance in April 2021.


Splinterlands is one of the most played NFT games. You have to defeat your opponents by making the best combinations in the game with different elements and cards. In Splinterlands, which is essentially a card game, it is possible to obtain cards in various ways and sell them if you wish. In addition, since the in-game matches are very short, it is a game that can be played in a limited time. The coin of the game is called SPS.

make-money-with splinterlands
Splinterlands is one of the most played NFT games.


Voxies is a tactical role-playing game on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 10 thousand unique “Voxel Characters” in the game. You buy these characters and add them to your collection. You create your war party with these characters, and you fight with other players. Although very new and the game itself was released long after the NFT characters, Voxies had a good start and made a lot of money. Voxies is promising among play-to-earn games.

Voxies got off to a fast start with their unique designs and characters.

Before the end of 2021, Voxies reached a transaction volume of close to $ 20 million.

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