Monster Notebook’s CEO Ilhan Yilmaz forms a new studio called Semruk Games

The independent studio’s main focus will be mobile games for the time being.
Semruk Games' logo

Monster Notebook founder and CEO Ilhan Yilmaz has formed a new mobile game studio called Semruk Games. While the newly created Turkish video game developer currently focuses on mobile games, it aims to develop games for PC and consoles in the future.

The name of the studio follows the tradition that Monster Notebook started some years ago. The name “Semruk” refers to a two-headed mighty bird in several mythologies. Semruk Games team currently includes 15+ employees and they’re looking for new teammates. The company offers remote work opportunities in every department.

Semruk Games’ founder and CEO Ilhan Yılmaz said “Games with intimate and strong narratives reach more players and capture their interest.” and added that “Semruk sees the transforming power of games as an opportunity to steer the future. Video games have a powerful influence and they allow us to reach wider audiences through the stories we want to tell. We wrapped up the foundation phase last October. We have a competent team and we believe that we’ll grow as a studio in time and have massive success.”

The studio’s executive producer Kayra Keri Kupcu said the team is quite passionate about bringing games that can reach everyone and that they want to add value to the video games industry. Kupcu also added the following lines to his statement: “Our passion will be focused on mobile games initially and in the future, we aim to find success globally on PC and Console platforms as well.”

While the Turkish tech brand is more commonly known as Monster Notebook, it renamed itself to Tulpar on the global market.

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