Newzoo shared insights on the gaming habits of Gen Z and Alpha

The company states that younger generations invest more time and money in games.
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Newzoo has shared a report that shares insights on the gaming habits of the Z and Alpha generations. The survey included 75,930 respondents across 36 countries, with approximately 2,000 people per country. Gen Z refers to people born between 1995 and 2009, while Gen Alpha refers to people born after 2010.

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Three key insights have been determined, which are as follows:

  • For Alpha and Z generations, gaming is an integral part of their lives.
  • Younger generations use gaming as a means of socialization.
  • Half of Gen Z and Gen Alpha spend money on games.

According to the report, games have been identified as the number one source of entertainment for the younger generations. While 14% of the total online population consumes games or game-related content, the number rises to 17% for Gen Z and 21% for Gen Alpha.

Across playing, viewing, and other engagements (discussion, ownership, etc.), 94% of the Alpha generation has been considered as game enthusiasts. This rate falls to 90% for the Z generation and 79% for the entire online population.

The report stated mobile is the top platform for Gen Z (73%), Gen Alpha (69%), and the total population (%60). Weekly averages have also been determined for the amount of time played, with Gen Alpha recording almost seven hours, Gen Z close to six hours, and the total population with five hours.

Watching gaming content has also been determined to be more popular among the younger generation, with a 70% watch rate for Gen Z and 68% for Gen Alpha compared to 52% of the total online population. Newzoo reports that games with multiplayer and social features are the top interest for Gen Z gamers (30%), while open world exploration (31%) takes the cake for Gen Alpha.

Newzoo’s Head of Consumer Rights, Jutta Jacob, used these words in her opening note to describe how younger generations interact with games.

“Younger generations show notable differences from older generations when it comes to engagement with gaming. Not only do they invest more leisure time, but they are also more likely to spend money on games and engage with gaming in many diverse ways outside of playing. Gaming has become part of their everyday lives as they also look to games for many other reasons.”

Spending has been determined to be primarily driven by unlocking exclusive playable content for both the Z and Alpha generations. Newzoo has also reported that 93% of Gen Alpha and 91% of Gen Z spend money on in-game items, whether for gear, characters, or in-game currency. You can reach the full report here.

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