Pack your Web2 thinking and move on to gamified Web3 – MBC 2022

Ali Dursun from Ratic shared insights at the Mobidictum Business Conference about a new-generation game approach that combines traditionality and change.
A headshot of Ratic's Ali Dursun

CEO and Co-Founder of Ratic, Ali Dursun, attended the Mobidictum Business Conference and held a session on the new generation of gaming that combines traditionality and change.

Dursun opened the session by explaining his experience with the Web3 gaming space. He stated that he’s learned what not to do instead of the correct strategy during his two years in the scene and listed key points about where Web3 game developers are going wrong:

  • Developing games to attract investors, not players.
  • Focusing on blockchain tech instead of fun and gaming.
  • Thinking play-to-earn mechanics would be enough to attract gamers.

The talented CEO gave the example of Axie Infinity, stating that after all the hype, the game only has 25,000 daily active players. He believes that the foundation of Web3 gaming will be built by Web2 creators, claiming that Web3 developers build blockchain projects but forget the gaming element, which dooms the title to fail.

“Another opportunity is that blockchain and Web3 allow creators to build sustainable and complex economics without having tons of legal work and in a much more scalable way. Our method in the game Sky Race is that we’re allowing anyone, any person, influencer, brand, or non-profit organization, to launch their own collection. So in this game, a famous Formula car racer can launch his own Formula collection, or an artist can use their own imagination to launch a unique car collection. Greenpeace can launch its own electric car collection that also tells about Greenpeace’s vision and monetize the Greenpeace brand.”

Dursun moved on to talk about how Web3 games can be funded by their community, giving the developers more freedom without experiencing pressure from investors. The Ratic Co-Founder then explained that the company’s mission is to make blockchain gaming easy, accessible, and understandable for both gamers and creators alike.

The CEO finished the session by introducing the company’s upcoming features, like The Ratic Launcher platform and Ratic Pay, explaining that users will be able to use them for any Web3-related transaction. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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