Parallelz raises $3M in pre-seed funding to help devs bypass Apple & Google tax

Toronto-based software platform plans to use the funds to grow the team and accelerate the development of its platform.
No installs, no app stores, no compromises

Canada-based Parallelz has developed a technology where mobile games and applications can be used on the browser. Thanks to this technology, every mobile game can be played through the browser without downloading or losing quality. The company has raised $3 million from its pre-seed funding round.

The technology does not require developers to make code changes to their existing games. The current games can be easily adapted to the browser thanks to Parallelz’s technology. With this move, the company aims to save developers from cuts of up to 30% in Google and Apple app stores.

Parallelz has invented a new way to distribute and discover mobile games and apps, as reported by VentureBeat. This technology is a little different from converting mobile games to HTML5. Game developers were able to adapt their existing games to HTML5, but this required a lot of code changes and additional work. Thanks to Parallelz, these are not needed.

After Apple and Google’s latest privacy protocols, developers started looking for alternative solutions. After the regulations, the advertising costs of some developers increased, and their revenues decreased.

Parallelz set out with the slogan “no installs, no app stores, no compromises.” Industry veterans with experience at leading technology companies such as Google, Mozilla, MIT Media Lab, and Bridgewater Associates founded the company. The team and project immediately caught the attention of investors, and many investors participated in the pre-seed funding round:

Parallelz investors

Parallelz CEO Albert Lai says:

“We have had a suboptimal way of doing distribution. With the App Store, there is only one place you can get stuff. It’s so inefficient. There is a discoverability challenge. What we’re really doing is we’re creating an opportunity for radically more efficient shareability and radically better eCPI.”

Albert Lai, Parallelz

Investors make the following comments about Parallelz:

“When I heard about Parallelz, I didn’t believe it was possible until I saw it. Parallelz enables new and radically powerful opportunities to drive virality and growth – that is a game-changer.”

Ed Baker, AnyQuestion

“Parallelz has achieved what many developers thought was impossible. Soon, sharing a mobile app will be as easy as sending a link.

Ryan Hoover, Weekend Fund

“Parallelz has invented a next-gen computing architecture that revolutionizes the delivery, discovery, and distribution of mobile apps.”

Andre Charoo, Maple VC

Parallelz’s technology acts as both an app store and a cloud gaming service. The combination of these two indicates that the company is doing some significant work. If the developers show interest in Parallelz’s technology, it may be possible to talk about a new alternative platform to Google and the App Store.

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