Pirates Journey demo is now available on Steam

A group of pirates, shipwrecked on a tropical island in the late 1600s, begins their journey with scant resources.

2MEDYA released a 2-hour-long demo for its upcoming coming game, Pirates Journey, on Steam. Istanbul-based studio’s game will be released in Q1 2024.

In Pirates Journey, players and their crew are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the late 1600s. At the beginning of the adventure, they discover themselves with only a few basic supplies, including ropes, sticks, and stones. With skill and cunning, players can survive on the island and thrive as a pirate crew.

According to Steam data, the demo has been downloaded more than 40.000 times since its release, with an average playtime of 57 minutes. Some players squeezed game time between three to ten hours.

Steam statistics show that the US has the largest player base at 20%, followed by China and Turkiye at 18% and 15%, respectively.

Pirates Journey is now available on Steam with a playable demo and Early access and will be released in the upcoming months.

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