Pixel Federation publishes its 2019 annual report

Pixel Federation, the Slovakia-based independent mobile game developer and publisher recently published its 2019 annual report. In 2007, four games industry enthusiasts founded the studio. Now, the company’s revenue reached over 31 million euros and its team consists of more than 220 staff. The studio who release free-to-play mobile games was able to “entertain” over 90 million players around the world.

Pixel Federation year-on-year revenue decreased

By the end of 2019, Pixel Federation generated 31.39 million euros in revenue while in 2018, the company’s revenue was 33 million euros. The studio’s strongest game was Diggy’s Adventures which earned 15.6 million euros followed by Seaport with 9.5 million euros. Furthermore, the team’s latest game AFK cats still needs more time but Trainstation 2 which launched in December earned over 1 million euros. Last year, the team spent over 12 million on marketing and this brought them 20.5 million new registrations. You can see more info about the company in the infographic below.

Pixel Federation

Pixel Federation CEO Simon Sicko explained the 5% EBIT decline in the following statement:

There are several reasons why this happened, but the most important ones are facts that the full releases of the two new TrainStation 2 and AFK Cats projects have been postponed to the end of the year and our live projects Diggy’s Adventures and TrainStation have not fulfilled their annual plan as expected. Despite these factors, I consider 2019 with 31 million revenue to be a successful year. We succeeded in launching several promising innovations and consolidating the work of the support departments such as marketing and UX.

What’s next?

Pixel Federation aims to enter the Pocket Gamer top 50 Game Makers list. Their ambitious goal is to reach 39 million in revenue in 2020. Also, we knew that the studio is working on a new puzzle adventure game. The team is looking to improve its monetization and its market research and discovery team. Pixel Federation was one of the companies that donated to hospitals during this hard time too.

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