Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT and Beyond Games start in November

The next PGC events are approaching.
pgc digital next
PGC Digital NEXT and Beyond Games will take place in November.

PGC Digital NEXT and Beyond Games events organized by the Pocket Gamer Connects team for the game industry will start in November. PGC Digital NEXT will take place on November 15-17, and Beyond Games will take place on November 18-19.

What awaits you at PGC Digital NEXT?

pgc digital next
PGC Digital NEXT will take place online on November 15-17.

PGC Digital NEXT will take place in the form of an online conference, expecting the participation of more than 1000 industry experts and more than 130 speakers. As a participant, you can attend various sessions at the conference and learn about the industry, and in these sessions, you can also ask your questions to the speakers. In addition, the conference is built on the “MeetToMatch” system and allows you to arrange meetings with other participants.

In addition, the subgroups you can apply for at the PGC Digital NEXT event are:

The PGC team has a special discount code for Mobidictum followers for this event. You can buy your ticket at a discount by using the code “MobidictumDIGI20“. Plus, if you buy a ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT, you’ll also have access to Beyond Games, which will take place November 18-19. You can use the button below to buy your ticket now!

Additionally, the PGC team is offering a free ticket to both PGC Digital NEXT and Beyond Games, exclusively for indie developers (teams of less than 10 people). If you think you meet the requirements, you can apply here.

What awaits you in Beyond Games?

pgc beyond games
More than games will be discussed at Beyond Games.

Beyond Games delves deep into the huge entertainment world that includes games. At this event, you can access talks and panels online about many different industries such as technology, cinema, music, art, sports and fashion. Speakers from many industries will share their knowledge and perspectives on the industry with the participants. In addition, the event also features an online meeting system like PGC Digital NEXT.

Beyond Games appeals to everyone from the newcomers to the professional names of the entertainment industry. In the event, the above-mentioned issues will be mentioned, as well as the importance of games and gamification in different industries.

To get more details about the event and to participate, you can buy your ticket on the Beyond Games website by using the button below.

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