Pre-registrations are opened for Level Infinite’s new game, SYNCED

Synced Cover Art

Level Infinite and developer NexT Studios have officially opened pre-registrations for their brand-new game SYNCED before its official launch. This is a great chance to try out SYNCED and get beta bonuses that will help you progress with the pre-registration program, which will reward players as the player count reaches certain numbers. SYNCED will be released for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

SYNCED sets in a far future where people have enhanced their bodies with nanotechnology, intending to reach the next step in human evolution. Then something goes terribly wrong, and the new technology starts to take over most of the cyborg population known as Nanos. The survivors of this event now fight for the chance to run away from the planet.

SYNCED combines survival, base building, and crafting elements with massive PvP and PvE for up to 50 players and thousands of corrupted human cyborgs. In each round, players have to compete against each other to escape the planet and survive against groups of Nanos.

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