Riot Games is recruiting for the Valorant Mobile project

Riot Games will release the mobile version of the successful FPS game Valorant. The company also announced the start of recruitment for the Valorant mobile project.
Valorant Mobile
Riot Games adds Valorant Mobile to its mobile portfolio.

After its release, Valorant, which quickly attracted the attention of FPS fans, took its place among the successful and profitable examples of its genre. This interest will have caused Riot Games to easily realize the potential in the game, so the work on the mobile version of the game has been accelerated. Riot Games released Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends, as its first mobile game. While the company’s success in this regard is admirable, players expect the same success to be shown for Valorant Mobile.

Recently, rumors were circulating on the Internet that Valorant Mobile was in the testing phase. Later, Riot Games confirmed the rumors and stated that the mobile game is under development. The fact that Valorant has unique gameplay mechanics makes things difficult for the mobile version. Despite this, the dev team seems determined to solve the problems they encountered.

Riot games recruiting
Riot Games will recruit for Valorant Mobile.

One of the solutions that Riot Games has found to the issue in this phase is to expand the talent and workforce pool by hiring new experts. On the subject, Riot publishes job postings on its official website. The Senior Game Designer position sought as one of the aforementioned advertisements signals that the game is in the final stages. Because the responsibilities of the job advertised include “Designing and refining systems that satisfy player needs of competition” and “Playtesting the game to provide continuous developments for existing designs and prototypes“.

The COVID-19 pandemic in the development process of Wild Rift delayed the company’s release of the game. The company’s current mobile target seems to be Valorant Mobile, but the official release date has not been announced yet. Besides, Riot Games, which released a tool called Riot Mobile for a few months to strengthen communication between its players, seems to have turned its route to mobile games. The company’s expanding portfolio offers opportunities for career seekers in the mobile gaming industry.

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