Riot Games to focus on Asia for Wild Rift Esports in 2023

While the company stated it will not organize any tournaments outside the Asia region, third parties are welcome to do so.
Urgot and Samira charging at enemies while an army follows them into battle

Riot’s President of Esports John Needham recently released a statement, informing its players that it will not be organizing any Wild Rift esports tournaments outside the Asia region in 2023. The company added that it will focus on Asia, which is the biggest and most active mobile esports league market in the world.

In April 2023, the Wild Rift Asian league will replace the original Wild Rift Esports (WRE), and become Riot’s first cross-regional professional mobile esports league. Twelve teams from China’s WRL and eight teams from the other 2022 Asian regions will play in the tournament. The season will be structured as two splits per year.

About the regions outside of Asia, Riot stated that it will no longer directly operate Wild Rift esports leagues, instead, it gives third parties the opportunity to host events.

Wild Rift Esports launched in October 2021 initially, and it was Riot’s first mobile esports tournament experience.

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