SocialPeta Report: Global Mobile Games in June 2022

Summer icons boosted to reach millions of downloads; A declined revenue after new servers of Uma Musume Pretty Derby
June mobile game top chart banner
SocialPeta released mobile game top chart for June 2022

With the aid of the App Intelligence and other modules, we sorted out the top 20 global mobile games by revenue, downloads, and advertising in June 2022, hoping to be of help to more people in the mobile app industry who try to understand the changing trends of global mobile market.

The overall performance of global mobile games in June:

  • [Pokémon GO] topped the revenue chart; [Diablo Immortal] was new among the top 6 by revenue.
  • In June, [Uma Musume Pretty Derby] was officially launched in South Korean and traditional Chinese, and its Japanese version dropped 13 spots on the revenue chart.
  • Many casual and simulation mobile games reported surging downloads.
  • Summer icons boosted [Dessert DIY] to receive soaring downloads, with an increase of over 400% MoM.
  • New casino games dominated the advertising chart. [Pharaoh’s Slinger] topped the Android advertising chart.

Top 20 by Revenue

Global Game Revenue - SocialPeta
Global Game Revenue – SocialPeta

First, let’s see the revenue of global mobile games. Thanks to its events including “Pokémon GO Fest 2022”, “Season of GO”, and “Mewtwo returns to raids”, [Pokémon GO] topped the App Store revenue chart in June, with its revenue increasing by 60% MoM in June, and moving up 3 spots on the chart. The dramatic revenue growth of [Pokémon GO] has proved the great potential of the combination “top IP+AR mobile game”. Recently, Niantic announced its collaboration with NBA to develop a brand-new AR mobile game [NBA All-World], marking its entry into the metaverse market.

[Diablo Immortal], a mobile RPG based on the Diablo IP and co-developed by Blizzard Entertainment, was officially launched on 2 June, and it topped App Store’s free game charts in 112 regions on the same day. The game was rated 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play. It is another asymmetrical competition mobile game of NetEase’s, and the two opposite factions Immortals and Shadows have made the game more exciting. It raked in over $10 million in revenue from on App Store and Google Play in June, making it the 6th highest grossing on the App Store.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] made many big changes in June, starting with its routine story event “The Promised Time: Silks & Three Riddles”, which led to a slight increase in revenue on 10 June. Later the game’s South Korean version was published by Kakao Games on 20 June, which topped both the App Store and Google Play charts on the same day, a rare successful case of Japanese ACGN games in South Korea. It was followed by the game’s traditional Chinese version published by Komoe Game on 27 June, attracting a lot of Chinese gamers. As many gamers migrated to the new servers, the Japanese version of [Uma Musume Pretty Derby] recorded a revenue decline of about 40% MoM on the App Store, dropping 13 spots on the chart, and recorded a revenue decline of about 12% MoM on Google Play, dropping 1 spot on the chart.

Many Japanese mobile games saw a revenue decline in June. [パズル&ドラゴンズ] reported a 13.3% decline MoM in revenue on the App Store, and [モンスターストライク] reported a 30% decline MoM in revenue on both the App Store and Google Play.

Top 20 by Download

Global Mobile Game Download – SocialPeta

Overall, the biggest change was on the downloads chart in June. 8 games were new on the downloads chart on the App Store and 2 shooter games [PUBG Mobile] and [Gerena Free Fire] were back on the chart.

On 10 June, Crazy Labs’ simulation mobile game [Dessert DIY] replaced its chocolate icon with an icon of ice cream in response to the hot summer, and there was a 486.1% MoM increase in its downloads from the App Store. [Dessert DIY] received most of its downloads from the US, China, UK, and other countries/regions, with 60% downloads from the US.

[Master Doctor 3D], a simulation mobile game launched in April, stood out from all the other beauty makeup simulation mobile games thanks to its magical creatives and thrilling in-game levels. The game recorded a 55.6% increase MoM in downloads from Google Play, with its ranking up 48 spots.

Several hyper-casual mobile games of Supersonic saw strong growth in downloads. [Join Clash 3D] was downloaded over 6 million times on Google Play in June, up 6.6% MoM and moving up 23 spots on the chart. About 40% of its downloads were from South Korea.

Top 20 by Advertising

Global Mobile Game Advertising – SocialPeta

Let’s move to the advertising chart. Many new games were new on the advertising chart. iOS had many new AGCN games and Android saw a surge of advertising of casino mobile games.

Many AGCN games were new on the iOS chart. Doki Studi’s [幻想名將傳], an idle mobile game based on the Three Kingdoms, was launched officially on 6 June. According to the data provided by SocialPeta, the game started its advertising as early as 12 May, with a total of over 6000 deduplicated creatives on App Store and Google Play combined in June.

5 new casino games were on the Android advertising chart, and they all chose icons that had Egyptian elements by coincidence. Ukraine, Brazil, and Turkey were the major regions of advertising. [Pharaoh’s Slinger] released 17000 deduplicated creatives on Android to become the No.1 on the advertising chart.

[Word Trip], a puzzle game of PlaySimpleGames, was new on the iOS advertising chart. The game had over 5600 deduplicated creatives on iOS in the same month, an increase of over 400% MoM. It had over 5300 deduplicated creatives on Android, an increase of over 200% MoM.

There were many new games on the advertising chart in June. Meanwhile, there was a big difference in the genres of top games on the advertising charts of iOS and Android. Classic old game titles also started to adjust their advertising strategies. SocialPeta will keep paying attention to the advertising of mobile games.

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