Tenjin takes action to support indie game developers amid the Unity crisis

Unity’s new price policy upgrade stirred a significant backlash from the game developers. The indie game developer community is resentful and looking for alternatives to the renowned game engine. Tenjin declared that it introduced a series of initiatives to support indie game developers during this occurrence.

In response to recent shifts in Unity’s pricing policy and the ongoing concerns raised by the gaming community, Tenjin, a key player in the mobile game industry, is stepping forward with a series of initiatives to offer vital support to indie game developers during these turbulent times.

Unity’s pricing policy adjustments have garnered significant attention and sparked widespread criticism within the game industry. In solidarity with its valued partners, many of whom have already expressed their apprehensions through a collective letter, Tenjin is reaffirming its unwavering commitment to standing by indie developers as they grapple with these challenges.

The ramifications of these policy changes, like previous alterations, are expected to affect indie developers disproportionately. With their profits already on razor-thin margins, these modifications can push numerous smaller game studios to the brink of financial collapse.

Recognizing indie developers’ pivotal role in nurturing innovation and vibrancy within the gaming world, Tenjin refuses to remain indifferent to the recent industry-wide upheaval. To this end, Tenjin is unveiling three tailored initiatives, each designed to provide essential support and assistance to indie game developers facing these formidable challenges:

1) Increasing profit margins for indie game developers

Tenjin is introducing an exclusive “All Inclusive” package to level the playing field for indie developers. This package offers an extensive array of features at highly competitive rates, encompassing all essential add-ons. Notably, this offering features clear and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. By alleviating the costs associated with marketing analytics, Tenjin aims to empower indie developers to enhance their profit margins. For further details on this exclusive offer, interested parties can contact Tenjin via email at [email protected] with “All Inclusive offer for indies” in the subject line.

2) Creating a united indie game developer community

Amid these challenging times, a silver lining has been the sense of unity prevailing within the gaming community in the face of adversity. Tenjin has experienced a similar spirit within its closed Discord community for app developers, known as “ROI 101.” Initially established to support developers embarking on self-publishing endeavors, this community has witnessed members coming together to share their concerns following the Unity announcement. In light of this, Tenjin is opening its doors to a broader audience, welcoming more developers into this collaborative space. Those interested in joining this community of like-minded indie developers can get in touch by emailing [email protected].

3) Ensuring compatibility and flexibility

Acknowledging the uncertainties of the future, Tenjin is assuring developers of its commitment to supporting their choices. The company understands that developers may explore different game engines moving forward. Consequently, Tenjin is prioritizing the compatibility of its Tenjin SDK with the most popular game engines, facilitating a seamless transition. Regardless of the engine chosen, Tenjin aims to simplify the developer journey.

Tenjin’s mission extends beyond business; it encompasses community, creativity, and collaboration. Together with indie developers, Tenjin aims to navigate these challenges and emerge from them stronger, more resilient, and more united than ever.

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