The Big Hypercasual Pitch

The Big Hypercasual Pitch will take place on September 29 as part of PGC #8!
the big hypercasual pitch pgc 8
The Big Hypercasual pitch

With “The Big Hypercasual Pitch“, which will take place in Pocket Gamer Connect Digital #8hyper-casual developers have the chance to present their games to the industry’s valuable experts. In this event, which will last only 3 hours, 15 developers will be able to showcase their games with 5-10 minute presentations and 3 winners will be determined from among them.

Sponsors of the event, which will take place within the scope of PGC #8 on September 29, PG press members, and leading industry experts will take part in the jury team and provide detailed feedback for each game. After valuable comments to the games and studios and the winners are determined, the main winner of the competition will have a chance to post content on Presented by PG, this award will be the perfect opportunity for both your studio and your game to be recognized by the world. In addition to many valuable prizes in the competition, the winner of the competition will also have the chance to sign a publishing contract with one of the giants of the hyper-casual industry.

The Big Hypercasual Pitch Awards

Top 3 names of the competition:

  • Will be featured in the “winners” article on,
  • Will have the opportunity to interview with Pocket Gamer,
  • Get a free ticket for one of the upcoming PGC events (whichever is optional),
  • She will demonstrate her success in the competition with a digital certificate.

In addition, the winner of the competition will be given a physical PGC booth and will be able to take part in the PocketGamer LaunchPad event as part of the BIP.

What are the criteria to participate in the competition?

There are some criteria to participate in this competition or event where only 15 game developers will take part. We can list the criteria as follows:

  • Games must be level-based and presented in portrait mode
  • Gameplay must be quick and rewarding with level durations being approximately 30 seconds
  • Games must not include a metagame or deep complex systems
  • Ideally, the game will have only one mechanic and can be played with one hand
  • Games must be easy to pick up and play without a tutorial by those who regularly play games and those who don’t alike
  • You can pitch your game even if you’ve pitched it at a previous BIP
  • We prefer to see unreleased games, though we’re happy to see games that are out too
  • Developers must not currently have a publisher for the game they submit

If you, as a hyper-casual developer, would like to participate in an event and competition where such fierce competition and so much fun will take place, do not miss this opportunity! You can apply here.

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