The expanding horizon of the Web3 world – MBC 2022

Bilal Uyanık, Project Manager and Game Designer for Suji Games, summarized the key aspects of Web3 at Mobidictum Business Conference.
A headshot of Bilal Uyanık from Suji Games

Suji’s Project Manager and Game Designer, Bilal Uyanık, attended Mobidictum Business Conference and talked about the fundamental aspects of Web3 and how to adapt to the new ecosystem. The session contains essential information on the Web3 gaming space.

In the first section of his four-part presentation, Uyanık talked about the basic concepts of Web3 gaming, such as play-to-earn, play-to-own, play-and-earn, crypto, blockchain, and NFT. He mentioned that traditional games have in-game hard currencies only available as in-app purchases provided by a single authority, the game’s owner.

Since traditional games are centralized, he argued that the owner could remove users’ characters, currency, or items without any obstacles. The experienced manager then suggested taking advantage of the decentralized nature of Web3 when it comes to creating a currency:

“Firstly, you must prepare a well-balanced token mix for your currency. If you don’t, you can face fluctuations. After the tokenomics plan, you will be looking for investors for seed sales, pre-sale, and other stuff. If you sell a huge part of your currency to one single investor, you’ll create a veil, which would mean the possibility of manipulation of your currency.”

Uyanık then talked about the concept of NFTs and smart contracts and how Suji Games applied it to its Web3 game Hyperolympics. After shortly mentioning Web3 game genres, he summarized the key points on how to adapt to the Web3 space game development:

  • Knowing the difference between Web3 and traditional target groups.
  • Using Twitter and Discord to create a user-friendly Web3 community.
  • Hiring a community manager that understands the Web3 space.
  • Keeping a close eye on the Web3 gaming trends and doing research.
  • Preparing a white paper and roadmap for a Web3 game in development.

Suji’s Project Manager then briefly spoke about minting, gas fees, and true ownership as he summarized their principles. He then moved on to the final section of his presentation and introduced the Web3 title, Spinblade.

Spinblade is a play-to-earn game where players own and battle customizable spinning tops in different game modes to win prizes. Spinblade parts are made of various NFTs that allow players to craft and customize.

Uyanık mentioned that the game allows players to earn SBC and BOLT coins while playing. He also stated that weekly, monthly, and seasonal tournaments (some with sponsors) will be an essential part of Spinblade. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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