Top 10 most downloaded hyper-casual games in Q2 2022

Mid-July is here, meaning it’s time for AppMagic’s quarterly overview of the hypercasual games market.
Top 10 most downloaded hypercasual games in Q2 2022
Appmagic shares the most downloaded hyper-casual games of Q2 2022.

The reliable mobile market intelligence tool AppMagic prepared a new report for Q2 2022, sharing the number of downloads and revenue ratio of hyper-casual games during the months of April, May, and June 2022.

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The report makes comparisons with the previous period as well as year-over-year performances. According to AppMagic, the hyper-casual games market has seen 4.4 billion downloads in the three-month period, showing a 10% increase, but the YoY delta isn’t showing a stable result on a month-to-month basis.

Bridge Race is still around and in fact, occupying the number one slot in terms of downloads with over 55 million users, while older games like Going Balls and Count Masters – Stickman Clash are also hanging in there, managing to stay in the top 10.

The rest of the entries are all-new hyper-casual games, as expected from this specific genre. Tall Man Run takes second place with over 49 million downloads, while in third place we see Fill The Fridge with 48+ million downloads.

If you’re having trouble loading the image above, you can see the full list below as well:

  1. Bridge Race – 55.6 million downloads
  2. Tall Man Run – 49.5 million downloads
  3. Fill The Fridge – 48.8 million downloads
  4. Race Master 3D – Car Racing – 46.7 million downloads
  5. Merge Master – Dinosaur Fusion – 39 million downloads
  6. Deliver it 3D – 34.2 million downloads
  7. DOP 4: Draw One Part – 33.7 million downloads
  8. Going Balls – 31.6 million downloads
  9. Dessert DIY – 30,3 million downloads
  10. Count Masters: Stickman Games – 27.8 million downloads

You can visit AppMagic’s report for a more insightful approach to these numbers. If you wish to understand the hyper-casual market in a more thorough way, make sure to read/watch Mobidictum’s interview with the hyper-casual expert Sergey Martinkevich and learn how you can trend in hyper-casual.

Alternatively, you can read the case study of Makeover Run, a hit hyper-casual published by Moone.

You can also have a look at Mobidictum’s interview with Flime’s Leonid Zverugo, in which he talks about the key differences between hyper-casual and puzzle games, as well as the future of hyper-casuals altogether.

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