Idle of Carbon City: Lugal Games’ten eko-macera türünde bir yapım!

Oyun hem bağlayıcı hem de çevresel konulara duyarlı olmayı vaat ediyor.

Lugal Games, an Istanbul-based game and software development studio, has launched its first eco-adventure game, Idle of Carbon City, on mobile platforms. The game takes the vision of sustainability, the most prominent issue of recent years, as its theme.

Lugal Games has been developing games since 2022 and is named after the Sumerians, who were the first to use writing. With a strong emphasis on storytelling and powerful content, the company is committed to tackling the impact of the digital world on climate change. In their new game Idle of Carbon City, you’ll try to optimize sustainability, energy, water, and carbon emission bars to the desired level and biomes to perfection by making the right decisions for the ecosystem while achieving the low-carbon biome goal. Idle of Carbon City, which offers three different biomes, ‘Town,’ ‘Metropolis,’ and ‘Desert,’ also aims to provide users with a long-lasting and enjoyable gaming experience with various modes.

Offering more elements and development options than most content in the idle genre, you will be able to learn about everything from biomass plants, wind and solar power plants, carbon neutral factories, modern agricultural irrigation and energy storage systems.

Aiming to offer a realistic and effective experience on climate change and sustainability, the studio collaborated with people who have worked in the field of sustainability and climate change during the production process of the game.

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