Paradox Interactive bölgesel fiyatları %40, 70 arasında arttıracak

Crusader Kings ve Europa Universalis gibi yapımlarla tanınan Paradox Interactive, bölgesel fiyatlarda %40’la %70 arasında önemli bir artış yapmayı planlıyor.

This adjustment will apply to the publisher’s live games, actively supported with updates and new content, and legacy titles, which are no longer actively maintained. The decision, announced on December 5, cites fluctuations in markets and currencies as the primary driver for the forthcoming price alterations. Paradox Interactive plans to enforce these changes starting January 16, 2024, impacting several regions and currencies.

The primary focus of these adjustments is on live games, the core pillars of Paradox’s business. Notable titles in this category include Europa Universalis IV, Cities: Skylines, Hearts of Iron IV, Stellaris, and Crusader Kings III. Five specific regions—Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, and South Africa—will witness significant increases, averaging between 40% and 70%. Additionally, moderate increases are anticipated in certain countries across Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

However, specific currencies will remain unaffected by these adjustments. These include the US dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Norwegian krone, Polish złoty, Swiss franc, Israeli shekel, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, MENA USD, and LATAM USD.

In addition to live games, Paradox Interactive intends to raise prices for legacy titles that are no longer actively supported. The company’s head of sales, Mattias Rengstedt, noted that prices for many of these games lag behind the established pricing benchmarks in specific markets. The adjustments aim to bring these prices in line with the company’s overall pricing strategy.

While exact ranges for price increases in legacy titles are not specified, various titles, such as Age of Wonders: Planetfall and Battletech, are expected to see substantial hikes. For instance, these titles may experience a 10% increase in South Korean won but a significant 150% increase in Indian rupee.

This move by Paradox Interactive is not the only one, as the company previously increased prices for games in Turkish lira and Argentine peso by over 300% last year. The company justified the decision, stating that these currencies had become significantly disconnected from other markets.

The game industry has witnessed similar adjustments in 2022, with various developers and publishers revising prices based on exchange rate fluctuations and market considerations. The move aligns with Paradox Interactive’s broader strategy to maintain financial viability and sustainability in an evolving gaming landscape.

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