The Finals 10 milyonu devirdi

Kısa sürede büyük ilgi gören ve free-to-play olarak oynanabilen yapım, başarısını Monaco’nun karlı sokaklarında Yeni Yıl etkinliğiyle kutluyor.

The Finals is one of the hottest buzzed-about games of recent days. Embark Studios‘ highly popular production has become the rising star of the FPS world, reaching 10 million players in just a few weeks.

Last week, The Finals Season 1’s first in-game event was announced as a Happy Holidays celebration, where players discover holiday-themed cosmetic rewards while battling through the snowy streets of Monaco, allowing them to cause mayhem in the world’s most entertaining game show right now.

So why has The Finals been so successful in such a highly competitive arena? Rob Runesson, Executive Producer of the game, shares his feelings on the matter as follows;

“We are very honored and encouraged by the response from the community so far. 10 million players in such a short time is something we could never have dreamed of. We will continue to improve and enrich the gaming experience and ensure that our community continues to be surprised for years to come. »

The Holiday Season Event also includes Twitch Drops, allowing participating streamers to give gifts to their viewers. Season 1 will continue in the new year with fresh new events.

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