Twitch, uygulamasını Nintendo Switch’ten çekiyor

Mevcut kullanıcılar 31 Ocak 2024 tarihinden itibaren Nintendo Switch’teki Twitch Uygulamasına erişimlerini kaybedecek.

Live-streaming service Twitch announced that it is ending support for the Twitch App on the Nintendo Switch. Starting November 6th, 2023, new users will no longer be able to download the Twitch app in the Nintendo eShop. Existing users will lose access to the Twitch App on Nintendo Switch starting January 31, 2024.

Nintendo Switch is the 3rd best-selling console of all time, and Twitch is currently the biggest live-streaming service for gaming, so the end of the collaboration raised some eyebrows. It may be possible that Twitch might focus its resources on the app for the upcoming new iteration of Nintendo Switch (possibly in 2024). According to Eurogamer, Nintendo showcased the console behind closed doors at gamescom 2023 last month.

Twitch’s decision could be related to several other potential factors. It might involve changes in the platform’s strategy or technical difficulties in maintaining the Twitch application on the Switch. Or it could just be a simple reason that it is not profitable since Nintendo does not promote the service enough.

Nintendo’s primary focus for the Switch has been on gaming rather than turning it into a multimedia hub. The company has traditionally placed a stronger emphasis on creating an exceptional gaming experience, designing the Switch to be a dedicated gaming platform rather than a multipurpose entertainment device. Popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime still do not support the device.

As of September 2023, Nintendo Switch had sold over 128 million units across the world, including over 45 million units in North America. According to Nintendo’s earnings briefs, the company has generated almost $63 billion in net sales revenue from Switch alone.

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