Triumph launches with $14.1M to power monetization for game developers

Platform handles complex infrastructure, compliance, and payments processing required to power real stakes competitions.

Triumph, a plug-and-play solution that helps game developers monetize through skill-based real money tournaments, announced $14.1 million in total funding, with a $10.2 million Series A. Series were led by General Catalyst with participation from Heroic Ventures, Hanover Technology Investment Management, SteelPerlot, RavenOne, Box Group, Great Oaks, NOMO, Strike, and Valhalla Ventures, with the prior seed led by Ari Stiegler at Flux Capital.

Triumph’s platform multiplies revenue potential for game developers by offering a suite of experience creation tools leveraging real money tournaments and prizes. “Our mission is to empower development teams of all sizes to build unique experiences around real money competition,” said Jacob Brooks, co-founder and co-CEO of Triumph. Triumph-powered games generate revenue growth for game developers and increase player engagement and lifetime: players who play real prize games play 3.6x more per month on average, generating $54 in average monthly revenue per user.

With their Series A funding, Triumph plans to expand to additional platforms beyond mobile and will offer novel real-money experiences. Currently operating in 37 states and Washington D.C., Triumph will continue expanding to serve players in more jurisdictions as the legal landscape evolves. To support scaled operations, Triumph has made key hires, including Jamin Horn as General Counsel, Bennie Huang as Head of Engineering, and Bruce Yang as Head of Product.

“We believe Triumph is turbocharging player engagement and monetization in a growing gaming category with their SDK that gives gaming studios and developers what they need to build exciting, skill-based games in an ever-changing regulatory landscape,” said Niko Bonatsos managing director at General Catalyst. “The leadership team is able to attract strong talent to their growing team, positioning Triumph to expand their reach across platforms, the US and beyond.”

Game developers looking to integrate real money tournaments into their mobile games can sign up at Triumph’s website. Games can be up and running on Triumph in one day, and is a free to integrate service.

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