Turkish mobile game developer Manc Games secures $50M investment

Manc will use this investment to become a global gaming company.
Logos of the investor company GEM Digital and the receiver, Manc

Istanbul-based mobile game company Manc announced that it has secured an investment commitment of $50 million from GEM Digital Limited, a digital asset investment firm. The Turkish mobile game maker said the investment will be used to become a global brand in the gaming space.

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GEM Digital Limited invested in the company “for its utility token Mancium” says the official press release; however, Manc stands out as a successful mobile game maker, even without the Web3 elements. The Turkish developer pushed out three mobile games and these combined reached well over three million downloads so far.

The Manc Games team

The game maker wants to expand Mancium’s uses through GEM Digital’s commitment and make the token more accessible to the general population. Mancium currently has over 10,000 holders and counting. The public blockchain solution powers Manc’s gaming ecosystem and allows in-app purchases, special in-game events, and the ability to collect supplies for Manc Academy.

Manc CEO and Founder Halit Emre Aydın said,

“This commitment from GEM Digital will push Manc a step closer to becoming a global gaming company. Not just in the mobile game app industry, but in the game ecosystem as well.”

Aydın also added that the company is rapidly growing and its expected growth rate to achieve is over 25 million downloads by the end of next year. The gaming company is adapting its games to Web3 and metaverse and aims to become a global name in the near future.

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