Unity is developing AI tools to enable game development ability for millions

According to the teaser video, Unity’s AI tool will be able to work through text prompts similar to Nightcafe, Dall-E, or Midjourney.
unity game engine and unity logos together.

Unity, the renowned game engine developer, has announced the development of Unity AI, an ecosystem of AI-powered game development tools. The company claims that this new tool will soon make it possible for millions of creators to build real-time 3D content and experiences for billions of users worldwide.

The beta sign-up for Unity AI and the Unity AI Insider program was launched on March 22, 2023. The teaser video showcased how Unity AI will gather relevant assets based on prompts entered by developers. The sign-up page also offers a “Unity AI Beta Program”, which suggests that developers who sign up will have early access to test these tools in the future.

Unity AI arrives at a time when artificial intelligence technology is booming, with Nvidia recently hosting an entire presentation dedicated to its advancements in AI tech. Bill Gates also stated that AI is comparable only to one other tech revolution he has seen in his lifetime.

With Unity AI, it appears that one of the most mainstream engines in game design is also moving into the AI space. Further details on Unity AI and its upcoming beta program are expected to be released soon.

Not a day goes by without a new company announcing a new AI technology. Game developers and artists are a relatively niche group of professionals and each new tool is released with the promise of assisting the professionals. Therefore, these new technologies don’t seem to create a backlash in the industry, unlike the previous controversies that AI image generation technology created in the artistic community. Previously major companies like NVidia and UbiSoft revealed that they had developed AI-based technologies or had integrated AI into their products or services. Even newly emerged companies like Kinetix are fully dedicated to developing AI animation or development technologies.

AI tools are not experimental projects anymore. They are becoming tools. Tools that become more capable each day. It has vast potential to make games better for everyone and make the game development process faster and more efficient. Still, only time will tell if it will improve the industry regarding the employees’ and artists’ quality of life or work.

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