Unlicensed peripherals will no longer work on Xboxes

A new era has already begun for Microsoft’s third-party policies, remembered by the fact that Razer Raiju gamepads made for Sony PlayStation don’t work in Forza Horizon, even when experienced on PC.

These days, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X owners are starting to see an annoying warning pop up on their TV screens.

It’s a well-known fact that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo don’t share the wireless connection protocols of their consoles with everyone. However, these days, even if it’s wired, Xbox gamers are getting a message on their screens that their gamepad is not officially supported and will be blocked from working on Xbox as of November 12, 2023. This, of course, is annoying for gamers who have invested in an economical gamepad or arcade stick.

Microsoft has apparently decided to tighten the screws a bit on its third-party peripherals policy, which it seemed to be easing a while ago (they finally licensed wireless protocols to Scuf, PowerA, and Victrix, which have been highly acclaimed for years). What appears on the screen as “error 0x82d60002” tells you that your device will soon be unsupported and suggests you get one of the “Designed for Xbox” licensed products instead.

It is a puzzle why Microsoft has brought this decision forward. Still, it is quite possible that it is a result of agreements with companies licensed for the wireless connectivity protocol.


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