Vampire Survivors is getting a 4-player Co-Op and Nintendo Switch release

Be the bullet hell with your besties!
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The highest-rated Steam game of 2022, Vampire Survivors, announced that the game is getting a free “couch co-op mode” and will be released on Nintendo Switch as was just announced during the Nintendo Direct. Both the new mode and Nintendo Switch version will be available on August 17th.

The couch co-op mode is currently limited to local players and does not offer online multiplayer. The game’s Q&A section says, “There are online gaming solutions like Steam Remote Play Together that work with every game, so you will be able to play online with those workarounds, of course.”

In the co-op mode, the players will share the same level-up bar, and all players will be visible on the same screen since the game will not have a split-screen option.

The couch co-op mode will come in a free update on 17th August for up to 4 players in local co-op on PC, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and mobile.

The Nintendo Switch version will launch on the same day (17th August) for $4,99/€4,99/£3,99 with all the latest updates. The two DLCs, Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of the Foscari, will also be available to purchase from August 17th for Switch for $1,99/€1,99/£1,59 each.

Vampire Survivors Mobile passed 5 million downloads in March and currently has more than 7 million players. The game has also managed to be one of the most played Steam Deck games, even surpassing big AAA titles. Vampire Survivors was the most-played Steam Deck game for many consecutive months.

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