Wargaming will open two new studios in Warsaw and Belgrade

Wargaming to expand its European presence by opening two new studios in Poland and Serbia, after leaving Russia & Belarus due to war in Ukraine.
Wargaming to open two new studios in Poland and Serbia.
Wargaming continues to expand in Europe with two new studios.

Not too long ago —to be more specific, back at the end of March 2022— Wargaming, the studio behind two highly successful games World of Tanks and World of Warships pulled all its assets from Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

And just a few hours ago the studio announced the next steps in the process of its restructuring. Wargaming will open two new studios in Europe, one in Warsaw/Poland and another in Belgrade/Serbia. These two studios will be Wargaming’s 7th and 8th studios in Europe, and they’re expected to host up to 400 employees.

Victor Kislyi, Wargaming CEO said:

“Warsaw and Belgrade were logical choices for these new locations, both are fast developing technology sectors with enormous potential. We look forward to working closely with both cities’ IT communities to build best-in-class game development and publishing units. Wargaming continues to move forward with big plans for the future. The Belgrade and Warsaw locations will be essential for accomplishing our goals.”

What will Wargaming Warsaw do?

The initial plan is to have the Wargaming Warsaw studio have a small publishing team. The next few steps for Wargaming Warsaw will be decided in the near future. The company will keep this studio small for the time being, but there’s room for growth.

What will Wargaming Belgrade do?

This will be the more populous studio. Wargaming Belgrade will have both international and local talent across game development and publishing. The studio will be responsible for World of Tanks and World of Warship franchises in all manners.

Wargaming Belgrade may also take part in future IPs, but for the time being, they’re strictly focusing on these two games. The employees of the Belgrade studio will provide key services to keep these two games alive and well-performing.

Wargaming also announced a local internship program dubbed Wargaming Forge; the goal of this program is to support the growth of Belgrade’s local gaming talent.

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