Waysun acquires majority stakes of Boss Bunny Games

Boss Bunny Games will be the Middle East publishing arm of US-based gaming and entertainment company Waysun.
Waysun Boss Bunny Games
Waysun has acquired the majority stakes of Abu Dhabi-based gaming company Boss Bunny Games.

Waysun has acquired the majority stakes of Boss Bunny, a newly established Abu Dhabi-based company. Abu Dhabi-based mobile game developer and Twofour54‘s partner, Boss Bunny Games, is set to become the Middle East publishing arm of Waysun Inc., a US-based gaming and entertainment company, following Waysun’s acquisition.

This transaction will allow Boss Bunny Games to leverage Waysun’s experience, expertise, and capital to increase efficiency and accelerate company growth as Waysun’s publisher in the Middle East and North Africa (MENAT). Waysun Inc. is a full-service gaming and entertainment company for original and licensed content distributed across mobile, PC, and TV platforms in global markets.

The games and entertainment company’s portfolio of games emphasizes simplicity while being dynamic and challenging. Waysun’s US headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida. The acquisition of a majority stake in Boss Bunny Games, which has offices in other markets around the world, including China and the United Kingdom, marks Waysun’s first step into the MENAT region.

Aziza Alahmadi, Co-Founder and CEO of Boss Bunny Games, made the following comments about the acquisition;

“The acquisition is a powerful boost to the gaming sector in the region, as it will enable us to capitalize on the advanced and integrated business systems of Waysun in the MENAT region and beyond. Together, we will develop new games for our customers, seize investment opportunities that add fresh value to our company, and contribute to a sustainable regional economy. Waysun and Boss Bunny Games share a vision that focuses on local MENAT talent acquisition and development. We will work together to invest in and grow the local talent base by launching a mobile games accelerator, which will boost mobile game publishing in the MENAT region and solidify Boss Bunny Games’ position as a regional leader.”

Boss Bunny Games is an Abu Dhabi-based mobile game developer and publisher. The company was co-founded and backed by Twofour54 Abu Dhabi, its media, entertainment, and gaming hub, in early 2020. Officials from the government-backed AD Gaming initiative, which aims to transform Abu Dhabi into a global gaming hub, expressed their impatience to lead the regional gaming industry and establish a successful partnership in the long term.

James Hartt, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development at AD Gaming, made the following comments about the partnership;

“This investment by U.S.-based Waysun in Boss Bunny Games perfectly demonstrates that the international gaming market is recognizing the tremendous growth potential for gaming companies in Abu Dhabi. It also highlights the successes of the AD Gaming initiative. With the right support, infrastructure, and talent gaming companies will grow faster in Abu Dhabi. The global industry is fast approaching a total revenue of $300 billion, and the Middle East is seeing the fastest growth. Driven by value-creating companies like Boss Bunny Games, Abu Dhabi is well and truly the place to be for any company in the gaming indstry.”

The company supports games from global indie bands and solo studios, with a sharp focus on local talent. The company has also recently signed a partnership agreement with Emirati Lammtara Studio to develop mobile games inspired by the popular cartoon series “Freej”.

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