We talked about the AI moderator with Mari-Sanna, CEO of Utopia Analytics

Meet the AI moderator!

In our interview with Mari-Sanna, the CEO of Utopia Analytics, we talked about the Artificial Intelligence they created that enables the management of game communities using an AI moderator.

It’s very difficult for moderators to control the players and take action every second, as there is always delay and time to process when it comes to human management, especially in games with massive communities. On the other hand, with an AI moderator, the AI is able to instantly detect and prevent a toxic or undesirable behavior, regardless of the language. This kind of AI also helps with community management.

Basically, the AI moderator learns how to behave by analyzing and process the behaviors and actions of human moderators, so eventually, after some learning, the AI can evaluate and analyze the situation on its own and take instant actions. The AI can also learn slang, daily life conversations, and social media terms.

So, if you are wondering how exactly this AI moderator works and what kind of problems it can solve, you can find all the answers in our video.

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