Zynga’s Star Wars: Hunters worldwide launch delayed to 2023

The upcoming Star Wars game that’s set to release for iOS, Android, and Switch has been delayed to 2023.
Main characters from Star Wars Hunters posing together

The upcoming free-to-play arena combat game that takes place in the Star Wars universe is delayed to 2023. Star Wars: Hunters is being developed by NaturalMotion and BossAlien, and the mobile games industry giant Zynga is the publisher of the delayed game, alongside Lucasfilm Games.

The news of the delay comes directly from Zynga’s official Star Wars social media accounts. The post on Twitter basically says the team is working tirelessly to achieve their goal for Star Wars: Hunters, but the expectations are high and they need more time to meet said expectations. Star Wars: Hunters was announced back in February 2021 by Zynga and had a soft launch period within the same year. The game was set to release in the second half of 2022, but had to be delayed due to identical reasons.

Players who gained access via the soft launch period can still play the game and provide feedback, but the arena combat game won’t be available to new players until next year. This is the second time Star Wars: Hunters has been delayed, but fans are still eager to play the 4v4 Star Wars combat game on their mobile devices.

The game’s main publisher Zynga was officially acquired by another video games industry giant Take-Two Interactive back in May 2022. While Take-Two is active across the whole game industry, there’s been no news about Star Wars: Hunters making it to PC and other consoles.

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