13 enchanting years: Magic Jigsaw Puzzles celebrates its birthday

The project that started it all—the legendary Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is celebrating its 13th anniversary! In that time, the game has captured the hearts of puzzle fans around the world, and today boasts over 150 million downloads and more than 40,000 unique puzzle packs.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles was launched in 2011 and immediately gained popularity among users of all ages due to its simplicity and addictive nature. The game quickly attracted millions of fans and was released on multiple platforms including Google Play, Amazon AppStore, and Microsoft Store.

One of the most significant events in the history of the game was the cooperation with National Geographic in 2016. A special pack with images of animals and nature immediately caught the attention of the audience. In 2017, ZiMAD partnered with Sony Pictures, adding famous cartoon characters to the game. In 2018, Cartoon Network, a major children’s television channel, became our next partner. In 2021, ZiMAD announced a major partnership with Disney, providing players with content based on their favorite cartoons. In 2022, together with LIFE, ZiMAD invited users to bring to life the most exciting moments of the 20th century, captured in photographs.

And this is just part of the evolution that Magic Jigsaw Puzzles has gone through in its 13 years of existence! Every year, ZiMAD supports Mental Health Month with various activities, delight the community players with diverse activities and themed contests, and, of course, regularly update the game with cool new features.

The number 13 may be considered unlucky by some. However, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles welcomes its next birthday fully prepared, with colorful updates that keep up with the times. This is a unique game that continues to grow both qualitatively and quantitatively alongside our team and an incredibly dedicated base of active fans, many of whom have been with us throughout our entire journey.

Inspired by positive player feedback, we will continue to do everything in our power to make millions of people around the globe at least a bit more relaxed, healthy, and happy, rather than “puzzled” by anything.

Dimitry Bobrov, CEO ZiMAD
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