A mobile game set in the world of Persona 5? We’re in!

Persona 5: Phantom X will wave the banner of the series on mobile platforms.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Persona series, which we first met in 1996 and won our hearts with more than 20 games in the intervening period, has already earned it’s own cult status. The game, which has an extremely devoted fan base, has managed to be a safe harbour for players who prioritise a refined RPG gaming experience with its music, characters and story cycle, which all among the best of their kind.

This time, there is a spin-off developed for mobile platforms on the road map. Persona 5: Phantom X, developed by Chinese company Perfect World, will find a place in the unique world of the main game and it’ll take the first step by launching the playtest on 29 March. The company hasn’t shared any release window so far.

Well, what awaits us in Persona 5: Phantom X? As you can immediately understand from the title, the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” team is returning and will be involved in the action, which is great news for fans.

Perfect World states that the free-to-play gameplay will follow the path set for it by the main game, Persona 5. In this case, we can expect long conversations, a wonderfully modelled city of Tokyo, lengthy intro passage and a deep, rich storyline.

As we can see, the second spin-off of the series after the marvellous Persona 5: Strikers, which we remember for its action-based gameplay in the musou genre, will be exactly what fans would have been asking for, without straying away from the DNA of the series.

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