According to the report, RPG and strategy players are the most loyal

Mistplay is launched its first-ever Mobile Gaming Loyalty Report, which is chock full of data and insights to help game publishers better understand the state of player loyalty in today’s environment.

The Mistplay‘s report includes a Loyalty Index that quantifies and ranks the loyalty value of the top mobile gaming genres based on a unique set of monetization and engagement metrics.

It also includes fresh insights about player loyalty based on a survey of more than 500 mobile gamers so developers can better understand the range of influences that make players loyal to their favorite games. 

A few of the highlights include: 

  • Role Playing Games (RPG) and Strategy players are the most loyal: Of all genres, RPGs garnered the highest score on Mistplay’s Loyalty Index, with a score of 75 out of 100, followed by Strategy games (70), Racing games (62), and Simulation games (61), respectively. 
  • Loyalty begins from the very first ad impression: With half of players choosing to install a game within a few days of first seeing an ad, making an impression is crucial – and one thing players look for is truth in advertising, with 72% of mobile gamers reporting it’s important to see actual gameplay footage in ads. But keep in mind that doesn’t mean everyone, as 37% of players typically ignore ads entirely.
  • High-value spenders have different gameplay and spending motivations: Players who spend over $100 on mobile games are 30% more likely than other players to play at least eight games per week; They’re also 55% more likely to spend money to keep pace with other players than other spenders are (22.2% to 14.3%).
  • Lifestyle games see the highest average sessions per user. These games also drive strong monetization by ranking first for share of spenders by D30 and third for repeat purchases. With bite-sized and compellingly repeatable gameplay tasks, these games are designed to bring players in multiple times throughout the day and spend incrementally to achieve their aspirations. 
  • Puzzle games are king for pure retention. The genre ranks first for D30 retention, and with a large delta between the overall and top quartile, there’s plenty of opportunity for growth within this category as games continue to engage a large casual audience.
  • A sense of progression keeps players motivated: The top two reasons why mobile gamers continue playing a game are the desire to continue progressing (56.8%) and to avoid abandoning their progress (50.3%). 

To download the complete report, you can use this link.

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